Finally, Democrats and Republicans are working together on a common goal by allowing a self-assured conman to rip the 243-year-old Constitution to shreds in less than three years.

The Mueller Report didn’t exonerate the president from multiple crimes (obstruction of justice); on the contrary, over 800 former federal prosecutors have signed a letter, stating that he must be held accountable for crimes he committed himself or had others do on his orders.

Where in the Constitution does a sitting president have immunity from committing crimes while in office? The Founders included “checks and balances” for a reason and if Congress doesn’t act now … they will lose that power.

If Congress doesn’t impeach now, they will enable a president to become a dictator, allowed to break any law and get away with it.

This must be done: The full Mueller report must be publicized, without blackouts; the president’s tax returns must be public, even if the FBI must raid the IRS. The FBI has the power to raid “anyone” on suspicion, so why not the IRS?

Let the impeachment process decide our future: will we have the Constitution? Or will we tolerate a dictator?

Where do Rick Larsen, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell stand on this imperative question? Where do you?

Helge Andersson


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