Play along with me. I don't know if this story is a true story, but it makes for a good metaphor. I heard this said, that a frog in a pan of water brought to boil so very slowly will not not jump out. We might say sadly, in his state of denial, the frog cooks his own goose until he croaks.

The big question is will we, all peoples world wide, force our governments to take corrective action in time so our children and their children will have a future? In addition, what in our human makeup will cause our extinction?

Because of denial, the alcoholic or drug addict is on a self-destructive path and will croak unless he or she gets sober. If we don't break through our collective denial and our worldwide addiction to fossil fuels, human extinction is on the horizon.

So, to add to our story, a scientist walks by and says to the frog, "Hey, you are in danger, you need to make a change now."

The frog thinks to himself, "fake news."

Let us fully support our governor in his quest to break down our collective denial and create a future for our species. May his campaign gain traction so that his voice and vision will direct the narrative of this coming election. Global warming needs to be our No. 1 priority.

The greatest threat to our children's future is the Republican Party's control of our government. Because of their addiction to big money, they are blinded by power, rejecting overwhelming scientific evidence to get out of the pan now.

You know, not all frogs are green. The most dangerous "fake news" one of all, currently cooking all of gooses, has orange hair.

Hal Pullin

Mount Vernon

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