Voters on the Sedro-Woolley School District capital levy should look closely at their property tax statements and see how much actually goes for school taxes.

About 62% of our property tax dollars go to schools, yet they want more. The school districts have become big businesses with many employees, and the employees have many relatives and friends, so the levies almost always get passed.

In 2007, voters changed the formula by changing the required passing percentage from 60% to 50% on levies. Bonds still require the 60% supermajority vote; some were trying to also change that to 50% this past year but failed.

Schools are becoming all powerful. If they do not like it, they lobby to change it and hold our children hostage with strikes so they can get more money and benefits at the children's cost.

Do they consider that rents will have to be raised to offset the taxes and other things will have to be cut down on to live within our budgets? Our children do need good schools and quality education, but at what cost?

There seems to be no end to the needs of the school district. Think of how low our property taxes could be without the schools always needing that extra money. It never stops.

The district has become one of the largest employers in the city. We need less high-dollar administrators and more teachers, but that does not seem to matter as long as we have more administrators to think up ways to ask for money. I am tired of the school not living like the rest of us do. Within our budgets.

There are no limits until we say no more with our votes.

Lloyd Chandler


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