We have an invisible elephant in our human room. It is imperative that we boldly do something about this beast now. The elephant is killing our children now and threatens their long-term survival.

In alcoholic literature, the denial of the addiction kills the alcoholic and destroys the family. The blind spot is metaphorically referred to as having an invisible elephant in the room that nobody sees, talks about or does anything about.

Nothing changes until the family confronts the alcoholic. This is called an intervention. Addiction treatment often can return the alcoholic and the family to health.

My "Invisible Elephant of the Century" award goes fittingly to the Republican Party for the denial that guns are killing our children and that thinking global warming is a hoax. Denial kills the alcoholic. Denial that guns are a problem is killing our children. Denial that global warming is a real problem will eventually kill off our species.

One group that is not in denial is the Democratic Party. I am gratified that almost all of the Democratic candidates have gun control and global warming high on their agendas. Both Gov. Jay Inslee and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have bold proposals to transform our society to clean energy, creating millions of manufacturing jobs.

The Republican Senate has blocked all gun reforms, health care reforms, immigration reforms and environmental reforms since 2010 when they took control. Greed drives these fat cats' addiction to money. The GOP (Greedy Old People) have already raised $105 million for this next election. It has always been profits before the needs of the people. 

Be bold. Retire this beast. Restore sanity. Save our children.

Voter apathy is a former of denial. The beast is counting on it.

Hal Pullin

Mount Vernon

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