As the political intellectuals have labelled the president as crazy, Nazi, racist, bully, white supremacist, fake patriot, egoist, so have they applied those labels to everyone who has voted for him.

But you must now begin to see that he has galvanized the regular working folks into a formidable voting block, because for the first time in decades, a president has actually tried to help his country.

It must irk some of you that he actually is keeping his promises to the working folks — making foreign governments deal with us in good faith, ignoring the "Saul Alinsky effect" of the media and DNC, and promoting the American people and our endeavors as laudable, honest and fair as a nation.

Somehow the media never remembers who paid for the aircraft to bring home soldiers from Iraq in 2003, who flew a young man and his family for a transplant operation that no one else would help with donations. You might ask your "humanitarian" never-Trumpers what they have done with their millions.

William LeDuc


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