Since Trump, with his history of six bankruptcies and stiffing creditors, became president, I've been concerned about his bankrupting the country.

His advocacy for lower tax rates, which very disproportionately benefit corporations and the already rich, has led to an increase of the national debt to its highest ever, over $22 trillion, meaning it will consume 4.4% of GDP over the next 10 years (National Public Radio). After WWII, the national debt was $251.4 billion. Back then, taxes were increased to finance the war, and everyone sacrificed for the war effort.

Income inequality hasn't been this extreme in the U.S. since robber baron days. The bottom 60% of earners show no income growth after adjustment for inflation since 1980 while incomes for the top 10% doubled, and tripled for the top 1%. Executive compensation has increased 943% since 1978 while worker pay increased 12% (The New Yorker).

How can Trump and the GOP praise an economy with that kind of disparity, which is so incompatible with democracy?

As his actions in Iran place the U.S. on the brink of war and distract from impeachment, one wonders how the country will fare. Infrastructure is in poor condition, programs meeting citizens' needs such as healthcare, food assistance, housing, education, science and environmental protection are very underfunded and in decline while the defense budget remains bloated.

Decimation of the State Department and a cabinet staffed with cronies from industry leave our country vulnerable to major inept decisions and head us in the direction of chaos and self-destruction.

In the end, we should all be concerned about how this administration is morally bankrupting our country of the things that insure our nation's survival and strength: namely civility, empathy, integrity and respect for all people and the planetary environment that sustains us.

Gena DiLabio

Mount Vernon

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