Donald Trump will be impeached. He won’t be removed from office, but in the televised hearings, we will all see his illegitimate use of power to intimidate a critically important ally and the perversion of his office for political gain.

Conservatives have complained that Democrats set out from day one to dump Trump. There is some truth in this, but not for the reasons that the far right promulgates. Trump is morally, intellectually and psychologically unfit to serve as president.

At this point, approximately 50 women have accused him of sexual misconduct including sexual assault and rape. Do you really believe all of these women are lying? The Access Hollywood tape that surfaced in the campaign was written off by Trump supporters as “locker room talk,” but his description of his own behavior is absolutely familiar to anyone who has read the stories of the women who have accused him.

But then, I don’t believe core Trump supporters care what terrible crimes this vile man commits.

Trump lies with such frequency that fact checkers have trouble keeping up. He makes up statistics and simply writes off any unpleasant truth as fake news. A Fox News poll last month found that 51% of U.S. voters want Trump impeached. Given that conservative media would support Trump if he shot someone to death on the White House lawn, the results simply can’t be ignored. Yet Trump called the results “fake.”

We should all be concerned about Trump’s mental health. Multiple reports from administration insiders reveal a man whose ignorance, narcissism and rage make working for him impossible for all but craven lickspittles. Worse, his mental health appears to be deteriorating. All of this added to his truly disturbing relationship with Vladimir Putin shows me that by impeachment or ballot, Trump must go.

James Winchester

La Conner

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