This president is unfit for office as the following examples demonstrate.

Trump lies frequently and shamelessly Twitter-attacks our institutions and the norms of a civil society. He puts incompetent corporate cronies in his cabinet, pushed tax cuts for the rich, is ignorant of the Constitution he’s sworn to uphold, attacks science, promotes religious fundamentalism, destroyed long-standing relationships with European allies, idolizes Putin and other autocrats, attacks immigrants and wasted billions on a border wall easily breached by desperate people. He upended about 80 environmental laws that protect public health, promotes fossil fuel industries, thereby increasing global warming and causing the U.S to lag behind in technology for clean renewable energy. He backed out of the treaty with Iran and the Paris Climate Accord, undermines civil rights and is packing the judiciary with extremists.

It’s clear why the Russians tried to rig the last presidential election in Trump’s favor. What a big bang they got for their buck.

The next election still lacks necessary safeguards, which thanks to Republican opposition will not be in place in many states by next November. It’s unclear why the U.S. spends so much on the military and so little on cyber-security and safeguarding our elections unless the goal is to destroy our republic and way of life.

Gena DiLabio

Mount Vernon

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