The article by Noah Feldman on the opinion page of the June 5 Skagit Valley Herald, “No, COVID vaccine mandates don’t violate Nuremberg Code,” is an exercise in double speak.

He uses some convoluted reasoning in what seems an attempt to say that the vaccines are not experimental because they have emergency use authorization. He then contradicts himself with: “… we are collectively engaged in a massive, society-wide experiment.”

He applies the rationalization that since the primary intention of those administering the experimental vaccine is for the good of the subject of the treatment (as was thalidomide), it therefore should not be considered under the same umbrella as an experimental medical treatment whose goal is primarily “... to gain scientific knowledge and expertise more generally.”

Yet, isn’t the goal of trying to gain more general scientific knowledge and expertise implicit in the current, ongoing, “… massive, society-wide experiment?”

No human being should be forced or coerced into accepting experimental medical treatment they do not want. This is especially true when, as is the case in the current vaccination reality, the injection is irreversible. Consistent with the mRNA vaccine’s experimental nature, the mid-term effects are greatly unknown and the long-term effects are completely unknown.

We keep hearing “safe and effective.” If it is a safe substance and if it is truly effective, those who receive it are safe from both any adverse side-effects and from COVID.

Those who do not are taking their own chances, as is the reality with many aspects of life on Earth.

If it isn’t truly safe and effective, then those who accept it are doing so for what reason? To “… gain scientific knowledge and expertise more generally?”

Enough of the double speak. Whether the Nuremberg Code holds legal authority in the U.S. or not, the ethical reality it embodies is universal.

Kenneth Dunning

Mount Vernon

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Rich A

Your hyperbole does nothing to sway this 80 year old away facts that experts in medicine, science, and epidemiology found: masks, social distancing, and good hygiene were necessary until a vaccine became available. I was vaccinated against polio. There were no ifs, ands, or but...

Turn the record over! Ill-informed political palaver cannot top scientific expertise.

End of story....

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