I have known Tom Seguine for a number of years and can say with certainty that he is exceptionally qualified.

The purpose of my letter is to point out that beyond qualifications, Tom has a unique and highly commendable desire to see to justice for all. I have observed him serving his clients when the popular and convenient course of action is to not go the extra mile on their behalf. This has sometimes been to his own professional detriment in the sense that he has been criticized at times in his various efforts to help his clients.

I am aware of circumstances where Tom ferreted out unique and admirable solutions for his clients which resulted in a favorable process despite overwhelming odds. I have also seen him note flaws in the system and attempt to correct them in the interest of assuring that justice is done for all, regardless of their status.

In summary, not only does Tom have exceptional qualifications, but he has the skills and the determination to assure everyone a fair chance at justice.

I support Tom for Superior Court judge and hope you will also.

David Day

Mount Vernon

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