What do we do now?

Like so many others, I am torn by the recent events that have brought about continual demonstrations throughout the country. They are not new developments; they are part of our long and troublesome past, as well as our present.

Now, finally many of us are ready to recognize the injustice that became institutionalized and accepted by those of us who are “white enough” to be immune from it. That does not mean we condone the violence, property damage and theft that has seemingly become a hallmark of the most publicized protests.

On one hand, we accept the impatience of those participating after waiting literally hundreds of years for justice and equality, because that goal continues to remain elusive. On the other hand, we feel that the true message is getting lost. The acts of violence are simply providing additional rationalization to not only enforce the status quo, but to roll back the few accomplishments that have been secured. No leaders appear to be emerging from the chaos.

So, how we can support the struggle for equal opportunity, while not supporting the apparent random and seemingly unjustified property damage that accompanies the demonstrations? Some might feel that exercising their right to vote is their only option.

The overwhelming majority wants to do more, but what? For many, participating in a demonstration to support the cause of equal freedoms is appealing, but we believe the message is losing its focus when it’s accompanied with wanton violence and destruction. Such actions deflect the legitimate complaints and issues.

We are ready, we are willing, and we want to be part of the solution which is long overdue. Give us direction; this is an opportunity for all of us; let’s not let it pass us by.

John Boggs


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Dan Ruthemeyer

Well written, John.

It's a struggle to know how to enact solution when we are but an individual.

I posted this in early June on my social media:

Be mindful of your role in humanity

Be mindful of your interactions

Be mindful of your privilege

Listen and understand

Speak up when you should

We are born kind

Be kind

It's a start, my friend.

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