“We” can be a strong word, loaded with meaning when combined in “We the people.”

Another is Unum. A Latin word used in our nation’s motto and currency. The full motto is, E Pluribus Unum,” or, “ From many, one.” In President Reagan’s last speech as a sitting president, he quoted a letter he had received from a citizen: “You can go to France but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can go live in Germany, Turkey, or Japan, but you cannot become a German, Turk, or a Japanese. But you can come and live in America and become an American.”

We, the people, have come from many lands over the years, escaping times of trouble and injustice in other nations. As long as we remember we are all Americans with equal rights, held together by laws to protect those rights, and compromising when there are disagreements, we will survive as a nation.

“We” all belong here, mostly coming over during different periods of time. But as in any relationship, it takes work to keep it together. Unfortunately, bad actors are trying to divide us by pitting Americans against Americans for their own ends. I see them as outside forces. They shrewdly propagate negative information through social media to undermine our unity. Why? Pretty simple — they want us to fail as a country so they can have free rein to do as they please across the world, and eventually in the U.S.

We can only counteract that by pulling together instead. E Pluribus Unum. From many, one.

Andris Vezis


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