Republicans like to fashion themselves as being the party of law and order. Look through their platform and one phrase stands out. It reads, “Individual responsibility best protects and promotes a moral and just society.”

Noble words to live by, but where exactly was this responsibility when they recently participated in an illegal gathering. I was unaware Republicans get to decide which laws to follow. Guess they checked their morals at the hangar door?

Besides breaking the law, the GOP continues to promote a no-mask behavior that has cost Americans thousands of lives. It makes absolutely zero sense that wearing a mask has become so politicized. Commissioner Wesen should take the advice of his Public Health director. The virus travels both ways. Be uncomfortable. Wear the mask. Be a role model. Follow your platform of promoting individual responsibility to help end this hideous pandemic.

The GOP renamed their gala from fundraiser to “peaceful protest,” but where I come from it doesn’t matter if you put lipstick on a pig; it still is a pig. How many protesters pony up $70 to protest with others while feasting on beef medallions sautéed in a mushroom demi glace along with other fancy treats. And as was stated on the local Skagit County Republican Party website, if you could round up five others you could qualify for the “Herd Immunity Table of 6” price. Seriously?

The attempt at humor is lost on the approaching 200,000 souls who have lost their lives in this hideous outbreak.

It is time for the GOP to stop saying that they are the party of Lincoln. It is time for them to start acting like Lincoln.

Dean Taylor

Clear Lake

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