I didn't turn my neighbors in to the police on the Fourth of July.

I could have. They were setting off illegal fireworks — big stuff, not the puny safe and sane things — putting several homes, mine included, in jeopardy. And even worse, kids were involved. So now you have reckless endangerment of minors. 

But I didn't call the police. And here's why:

It was the Fourth of July, celebrating our independence. Part of that celebration is the capacity to choose things that may hurt us, may hurt a lot of people if things get out of hand.

Fortunately for us all, nothing bad happened. Yet. Maybe next time we won't be so lucky. Someone might get hurt. Somebody's home might catch fire. And the responsibilities will catch up with the offenders.

I figure, we all get a chance to do the wrong thing at some point in our lives. A little leeway might be in order here.

Happy Fourth of July. You're independent now. Make good choices, because now you're responsible for them.

Kenneth Field


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