I very much appreciated Ken Winke's letter to the editor of Sept. 18, titled "Unbridled capitalism to blame for our problems."

I wish I could discuss this letter and play a game of Monopoly with every young voter in this country. I would want them to feel they have the power to change this country through their political action. I would point out that 42% of voters didn't vote in the last presidential election.

At the end of the game, when one player wins by owning all the properties and the other players are out of money and can't afford the rents, I would ask them this question: When all the wealth ends up with one player (or the 1% at the top) where will the other players live?

Hopefully they would grasp why we have such a rapidly increasing homeless population. I would tell them the Republican financial structure is rigged so all wealth rises to the top 1%. That student debt, health care cost and years of wage stagnation make it increasingly unlikely they ever own a home.

I would have them look at these facts, that the last two recessions, 2000-02 and 2007-09, both followed eight years of unbridled Republican rule. In both cases the country was rescued by Democratic administrations. The Democrats' financial structure, put in place by Barack Obama, pulled us out of the Great Recession and put us on the current path of 10 years of steady job growth.

Trump, in hopes of being re-elected, is overstimulating the economy by reversing both financial and environmental regulations. Let us, old and young alike, be mindful that during the Great Recession of 2007, home prices plummeted 30% and unemployment rose from 5% to 10% and then ask: Is history repeating itself?

Hal Pullin

Mount Vernon

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