Who benefits from U.S.-Iran conflict?

Granddad was an embarrassment to our family. Growing up in Idaho in the early ‘60’s Granddad was writing letters against the war in Vietnam. He wasn’t writing letters to the editor; he was writing letters to Sen. Frank Church who would write letters back agreeing with him. Anyone who came over, he would bring those letters out.

“Killing our youth for monetary gain of corporations” was the theme.

I was writing papers for World History that we had to stop communism in Asia or we would be fighting communism on our borders. Vietnam was the aggressor. You see, we believed in the Gulf of Tonkin. Much like the Weapons of Mass Destruction for present-day audiences.

Granddad’s motives were pure. He didn’t want to see his grandsons maimed or killed in an endless war. A real possibility, this was before the days of the “Volunteer Army.” Does anyone care now?

So Iran is behind the oil tanker attacks in the Straight of Hormuz. Our president says so and his Secretary of State, Pompeo, says so.

We have pictures and, of course, our intelligence. Do we need to ask the question, who else could benefit from a confrontation between the U.S. and Iran? It’s a long list actually. Maybe beginning with our own leaders.

Did anyone catch the picture of a beaming Pompeo shaking hands with Putin? Whose First Rodeo is this?

Jeff Holmes


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