In his book, "30 Days to Understanding the Bible," Max Anders writes:

"If you would be free to sail the seven seas, you must make yourself a slave to the compasshellip;There are certain freedoms we can have, but they have corresponding bondages. And there are certain bondages we can have that afford us corresponding freedoms. For example, you can be free from the toothbrush and in bondage to cavities, or you can make yourself a slave to the toothbrush and free from cavities. That kind of freedom, total freedom, does not exist."

I hope this statement causes you to pause for a moment, like it did me. We are surrounded by potential influences that capture our attention. Look at your life-what draws your attention to the point it shapes your attitudes, action sor behaviors? How often do you check your FaceBook timeline or play Candy Crush? How disappointed were you when you didn't watch LeBron's block on Splitter, live? Are you agitated when you looked at your paycheck and that monetary reward is less than expected?

Cell phones, the NBA and paychecks aren't bad. But we allow ourselves to be influenced by them, and if we get sucked in, they become addictions that are hard to quit. The creator God, who's son is Jesus, sent the Son because He knew total freedom wasn't an honest reality. He knew we would be swooned by influences and entangled by things that look great on the outside, but lead to unhealthy habits once we succumb to them.

Jesus came to offer freedom from the unhealthy things so we could live the spiritually healthy lives He created us to live. Of course, this requires us to submit to His influence.

We are on a journey to sail the seven seas of life. Jesus wants to sail with us and act as our compass. Will you be influenced by the compass, which points in the direction you should sail, or will you be influenced by the winds and tides, which carry you in every direction but your destination?

-Brandon WessnerNew View Church

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