The state Department of Fish & Wildlife is drafting rules related to a state law that applies to fish passage in rivers, streams and lakes in an effort to make more clear how the law aids in the recovery of salmon and orca whales.

Many of the snow geese that winter in the Puget Sound area come from a huge colony on Wrangel Island, Russia, in the Arctic Sea, where they spend most of the year, nesting and raising their young. Each winter, great flocks of snow geese leave this colony and fly 3,100 miles to our shores.

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Vaccine supply remains the largest hurdle in getting needles in arms. Last week, Snohomish County received about 15,000 doses — 9,000 for first shots and 6,000 for second ones. However, the county’s 93 vaccine providers are capable of administering more than 50,000 doses a week.