Maxine Bires

Bud McDole and Maxine Bires look at orchids in the atrium in September at the Warm Beach Senior Community in Stanwood. 

Warm Beach Senior Community resident Bud McDole has always enjoyed doing what he can to spruce up his retirement community’s campus.

When 101-year-old resident Maxine Bires told McDole she had some orchids that she needed help caring for, McDole had just the plan for her delicate plants.

“We have this greenhouse area that is part of an enclosed walkway between buildings,” he said. “It has a nice warm climate but was very quiet — almost too quiet.”

McDole decided that adding a water feature along with Maxine’s orchids would be the perfect way to make the space more inviting.

With help from a group of resident volunteers known as the Facelift Club and several generous donations from residents, McDole was able to realize this vision for the atrium.

“I’m not a particularly fanatical gardener but I do know a thing or two about caring for orchids,” McDole said. “Putting Maxine’s plants by the new water feature has really made them thrive.”

Bires is absolutely thrilled with the results.

“I walk by the fountain and orchids several times a day,” she said. “I always pause to admire Bud’s work. It’s so very soothing and peaceful. Other residents have told me that they feel the same way.”

The collection of orchids has grown to include about 30 plants, McDole said. To visit the atrium, contact Warm Beach Senior Community at 360-652-7585.

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