Vaccine, 1.22.21

Sophie Klein, from Anesis Spine & Pain Care in Renton, administers the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to residents and staff at Stanwood Community and Senior Center on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021.

Vaccine supply remains the largest hurdle in getting needles in arms.

Last week, Snohomish County received about 15,000 doses — 9,000 for first shots and 6,000 for second ones. However, the county’s 93 vaccine providers are capable of administering more than 50,000 doses a week, including at up to seven mass vaccination sites such as the new one at Arlington Municipal Airport and is serving eligible people in Phases 1A and 1B1

“We do have a lot of capacity. We, unfortunately, do not have a lot of vaccine,” said Jason Biermann, Snohomish County Emergency Management Director.

Until more vaccine becomes available, demand likely will outstrip supply.

“If you think about the numbers, that’s 9,000 doses and 100,000 eligible people hoping to get vaccinated,” Dr. Spitters said. “It’s just a fraction of what we need it to be to satisfy the demand to address the frustrations everyone is experiencing and to fulfill the desire that most everyone in the county must have to be vaccinated. That’s what’s leading to the frustrations, the heightened stress levels in our community and what feels like trying to find the golden ticket to a vaccine appointment.”

To date, Snohomish County has administered 53,720 of the 61,175 first doses received, and administered 8,439 doses of the 29,650 second doses received. 

On Camano, Camano Island Fire & Rescue received 300 doses Monday, but appointments filled up fast. Camano Island Health Systems was also overwhelmed, temporarily pausing on taking names and call back numbers for the vaccine, according to an announcement online.

Meanwhile, Snohomish County is seeing the COVID-19 case rates continue to decline — dropping to 184 infections per 100,000 people — and the region has advanced to Phase 2 of the state’s recovery plan.

While that’s good for the economy, education and social health, “it also means that everyone must be diligent with following all precautions to minimize risk of exposure and transmission while being able to take advantage of the privilege of increased opportunities for social and commercial employment activity,” Spitters said. “This is particularly important though as we head into Super Bowl weekend, which is commonly a time of big gatherings.”

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