Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center floors

Some of the donations will go toward restoring the floors of the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center.

Many first-time donors, along with returning donors, contributed $61,100 in total impact on Nov. 27 during Giving Tuesday 2018, according to Stanwood Camano Area Foundation’s final tally of donations. The total is up from $53,500 in the 2017 Giving Tuesday and might grow some more.

“Some employer matches will probably still come in,” foundation Executive Director Bev Pronishan said in late December, noting that some interesting statistics came out of all the giving.

She said first-time donors comprised 61 percent of participants, up from 51.5 percent in 2017, and those donors gave almost half — 47 percent — of the total donations, up from 39 percent in 2017.

“This is great news since one of the primary purposes of this event is to promote community engagement with the local nonprofits,” Pronishan said.

Giving Tuesday produced one more milestone for area nonprofits to celebrate. Participants reported that 82 percent of the donations they received on Giving Tuesday 2018 would not have otherwise been received this year, Pronishan said. “That’s up from 69 percent last year (2017).”

The total impact of the Nov. 27 event includes donations received at the open houses, which Pronishan said produced unpredictable results.

“Most of the open house locations reported that they either had no visitors at all or had only their own regular client base as visitors,” she said. “While people did not go out of their way to go to any of the open houses, one location received donations totaling $13,000.”

Pronishan said event organizers will evaluate whether to offer more or fewer open house locations during the 2019 Giving Tuesday.

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