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Sept. 8

A caller reported that a husky has been coming onto property on Lake Drive and chasing chickens.

Sept. 10

A Chevy Cruise was in the ditch on S. West Camano Drive. The airbags deployed, and the driver was out.

A man on S. West Camano Drive said he was accosted by a man on a motorcycle. The victim and his wife were riding bikes when the man on the motorcycle pushed him and screamed at him to get off the road.

A Viewmont Place woman reported that a man jumped out of her boat in the driveway.

Sept. 12

A caller reported that someone stole a telescope during an open house on Echo Ridge Way.

Sept. 13

A caller reported someone having a campfire in the woods near Carp Lake Road and N. Camano Ridge Road.

Sept. 14

A truck was broken into while it was parked at a trailhead near N. Camano Ridge Road. A wallet was stolen, and an attempt was made to use the cards in Stanwood.

Sept. 15

A caller was hit in the face with a water balloon thrown by someone in a silver Jeep going west on Highway 532.

A boat motor was stolen from Shore Drive overnight. 

A caller found stolen mail on Michael Way. 

A caller on Gerdes Road had a pistol stolen from their vehicle.

A woman on Sandell Road heard banging on the side of her house and found that someone was trying to push in the air conditioning unit on the side of the house in an attempt to get into the home.

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