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Sept. 1

A Dallman Road resident reported a neighbor came onto their property and stole a speed bump.

A sign for Elger Bay Preserve Trails had two bats stuck under the Plexiglas.

A white Ram 2500 and a Chrysler minivan collided on N. Sunrise Boulevard.


Sept. 2

A caller on N. Sunset Drive said a neighbor threw a pallet onto their property and yelled at them.

A caller said a neighbor near Rocky Point Drive was feeding a coyote.

A Vista Del Mar Street caller reported rings and coins were missing.

A caller near Pinecrest Lane and Cedar Lane found a dog.

A Crestview Drive caller said a white 14-foot motorboat was adrift.


Sept. 3

A caller on Vicky Place reported intruders in the residence. They heard a man and woman talking upstairs.

A caller near Newberry Road and S. East Camano Drive reported illegal camping on their property.


Sept. 4

A South Camano Drive caller reported a burglary.

A Vicky Place woman wanting to report ongoing issue of neighbors throwing rocks at her.

A German shepherd was running loose around on Rocky Mountain High Road and Chase Way.

A Glacier Lane caller said a neighbor stole their vintage furniture while they were moving out.


Sept. 5

The Maple Grove boat ramp was blocked for more than an hour as a truck with a boat attached attempted to pull the vessel out of the water.

A caller on N. Sunset Drive said an off-leash dog chased her and her dog bit her hand.

A man on Port Susan Terrace Road said his 47-foot sailboat “Sun Dog” came unmoored and is missing.

A Maple Grove caller had crab pots stolen out of the water.

A South Camano Drive caller reported a neighbor has a bonfire in his backyard.


Sept. 7

A tree was down blocking the southbound lane near South Camano Drive and Wilkes Gary Heights.

There was a four-car accident on the Highway 532 bridge.

An ATV was doing donuts and causing property destruction near Newberry Road and Berry Boulevard.

A caller near W. North Camano Drive said there have been multiple instances of someone dumping full bags of stolen mail in the area. 

A bonfire was reported on Carp Lake Road.

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