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Dec. 23

A neighbor dog chased a woman down her driveway on Conklin Drive.

Dec. 24

A suspicious person was trespassing on property on Highland Drive and asked resident about wells and plumbing work.

Dec. 25

A Gary Lane caller heard the back door being broken into.

A woman on Carp Lake Road said she found someone sitting in her truck.

East Camano Drive caller said music was coming from upstairs when no one was home.

An ambulance got stuck in a snowy driveway 100 yards from a house on Carp Lake Road.

Dec. 26

A caller said an Island County deputy ran into their vehicle in the 22600 block of Marine Drive and left a card to call the office.

Dallman Road caller said a neighbor's dogs were running loose, harassing walkers, running at people and scaring them.

Dec. 27

A van flipped over on W. Dry Lake Road. Smoke was coming out of an overturned vehicle in the ditch on East Camano Drive at Short Road.

A car spun out and was in the ditch on Dallman Road.

A white pickup went off the road and hit a tree on Beach Drive.

Dec. 28

A Subaru was abandoned on Mountain Crest Court with the window down and a wallet on the dash.

Dec. 30

Trees, branches, snow and ice made many roads hazardous. A power line was down flaming on the side of W. Cross Island Road.

An aggressive dog that lives across the street, known for attacking passersby, charged a woman in her own driveway on Graham Drive. Another complaint came an hour later that this dog followed a person with their sons down the street growling.

A dog bit a person on Heichel Road.

Dec. 31

A red sedan was abandoned in the middle of S. West Camano Drive near Monticello. Another car was abandoned, partially blocking E. Camano Hill Road. An Audi was left at Laura and West Camano drives.

Vehicles were reported stuck off the roadway or in ditches on Highway 532 and East Camano Drive.

A driver reported that when he braked, the car behind hit him on S. East Camano Drive.

A car slid into a post, blocking John Street.

A fireworks complaint was made in the area of N. West Camano Drive. Another caller reported their dog took off, afraid of fireworks.

Jan. 1

A caller reported that at midnight someone was shooting a pistol on Pilchuck Drive.

A woman on N. West Camano Drive saw someone on her security camera at 3 a.m. try to open the back door.

A fifth-wheel RV trailer was reported on fire on El Camino Street.

Jan. 2

A James Way caller said a neighbor installed a camera on his roof and pointed it directly at the caller’s house.

A storage trailer was broken into and power equipment stolen on N. East Camano Drive.

A vehicle was flipped on its side on East Camano Drive at Russell Road.

Jan. 3

Water was in the roadway at Sunset Drive and Spring Street.

Many hazards were reported, with trees hanging over roadways and icy roads. More cars spun off roads or were abandoned.

A caller reported a horse with a halter wandering loose for hours on Arrowhead Road; caller concerned that it was getting dark.

Jan. 4

An older gray Dodge Neon hit a silver Mazda and took off on Ridgeview Court and West Camano Drive.

The door to a shed was kicked in on Vista Drive.

A caller asked for a welfare check on a man sleeping in a bus shelter near a gas station on N. East Camano Drive.

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