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July 2

A doe with an open wound on its thigh was found on a vacant lot on Arrowhead Road.

Caller said that their son and a woman keep showing up to stay at a property on Shorecrest Place without permission.

Two trucks with trailers were blocking the boat launch on Utsalady Point Road.

Caller reported an excavator on Field Road working directly under a tree with eaglets in a nest.

A car flipped on Camano Head, where East and South Camano drives meet.

Five men in a blue/white boat off Maple Grove Road were seen going from pot to pot, poaching crabs.

Loud fireworks were reported on High Road.

July 3

Caller advised that someone had been sitting in the bushes against the clubhouse on Lake Drive. Later they found cigarette butts, gloves and hypodermic needles.

A boat was adrift with no one on board near Blackberry Lane and Brokaw Road.

Caller said that a woman that stays next door on Country Club Drive came and banged on their door early in the morning.

People were seen taking more crab than the limit off of Utsalady Point Road.

Two men were trespassing on a private beach off Maple Grove to fish for smelt.

Caller reported weapons being fired in the area of Mountain View and Lowell Point roads.

A dead seal was reported on Utsalady Beach.

People on Vesper Way were “blowing off M80s” at night.

July 4

An off duty officer saw a vehicle on East Camano Drive and Cavalero Road that Lynnwood police were looking for after the driver fled earlier that day.

A tree fell down, hit a house and was blocking both lanes of Sandy Beach Drive.

A two-car collision occurred at Good Road and Amy Place.

Caller said illegal fireworks were being shot out of rockets on Blackburn Road.

Caller reported that a house on Iverson Road had “too many people” there, in multiple tents and cars.

Forest fire was reported on Port Susan Terrace Road.

Caller reported “big guns” in the Lactrup Spur Lane area.

Caller on North Camano Drive complained of “awfully big” fireworks explosions that were bothering spouse with PTSD.

Caller complained of fireworks being set off for hours on Portage Road.

Caller on Bartl Drive said the neighbor threatened to beat up she and her husband for lighting off fireworks.

Caller advised that people were trespassing in the woods on private property on Camano Head, lighting fireworks.

Embers from fireworks were landing in neighbor’s yard on Cascade View Drive.

July 5

Someone was burning garbage on Falcon Road.

Delivery person was bit by a dog on Sandell Road.

A boat was blocking a lane of traffic at the Utsalady Point boat launch.

Caller said someone came into her home on Sailview Lane and stole multiple cats.

Caller on Utsalady Road said the neighbor drove through their landscaping because he’s upset that the caller won’t cut down a tree that would “improve his property value.”

July 6

An anchored sailboat was blocking the boat launch at a park on Lowell Point Road.

A tractor was in the ditch on Carp Lake Road with its bucket on the roadway.

Caller on Bower Lane complained that neighbors were setting off fireworks in front of caller’s house.

Caller reported a loose 17-foot Bayliner boat with two motors beached on her property on Sunset Drive.

Someone was burning, smoking up the Madrona neighborhood.

Caller on Mount Baker Avenue reported neighbors’ fireworks hitting his roof, damaging property and vehicle.

July 7

Caller on Stillaguamish Avenue said neighbor continues to harass him, flying a drone over his property after being told six times to stop.

A generator was stolen on Carp Lake Road during the night.

A green Mazda convertible pulled over to throw out a bag of garbage on Camano Hill Road.

Caller at 11 p.m. said dogs were barking on Cross Island Road since 5 p.m.

July 8

Caller caught on video two subjects trying to get into a house on Bonnie Lane.

A small, very aggressive dog was reported loose on Ell Road.

A woman was seen prowling around a house on Cove Beach Way.

Caller reported a business’ employees and customers were not wearing masks.

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