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Nov. 14

Caller on Cross Island Road reported that her ex-boyfriend was driving her car without permission for three days, refusing to return it. He also has a cell phone in her name and refuses to change the information on the account which she is financially responsible for. Car was reported still gone Nov. 18.

A driver hit a parked car in a parking lot on East Camano Drive, can’t find the owner.

A woman was detained for shoplifting on North Camano Drive.

Residents on SR 532 were upset that the neighboring hunters point and fire guns in the direction of their house.

Caller asked for a welfare check on a distressed woman with short gray hair sitting with her face in her hands along SR 532 near Terry’s Corner. Nearby a car pulled over and the driver yelled at her.

A resident heard rustling inside when he arrived home on Patricia Ann Drive. A man came out of the bathroom assaulted him and fled on foot.

Caller on Lehman Drive said a man had been taking photos of their house for 30 minutes.

Caller on Foothill Lane reported hearing gun shots near the school.

A recording showed a white van with front end damage parking near a home on Highland Drive. The driver got out and walked around looking at the house then left.

Nov. 15

A generator was stolen from an RV while parked at a vacant lot on Short Road.

Caller on Cross Island Road reported a scam caller impersonating Island County Sheriff’s Office.

Resident on Newell Road said their neighbor installed a motion security camera looking onto their property and takes their picture when walking by.

Caller said that someone dumped a deer carcass in her driveway, 20 feet off of Sunrise Boulevard.

Neighbors complained about loud music coming from the area around Ellie Lane.

Caller reported a neighbor on Holbeck Drive threatening with a rifle on Monday and a shovel on Thursday.

Someone reported that a man threatened to kill someone and put a gun to their head on Lowell Point Road, then left the scene.

A small white truck was parked for about two hours near the boat ramp at Utsalady Point Road with the car alarm going off. 

Nov. 16

A welfare check was requested at 8 a.m. for a woman who was slumped over for at least 20 minutes in a gray mini van at Swiss Alps Loop.

People on Parkside Drive complained of hearing shooting on Lowell Point Road.

Residents off of Mountain View Drive complained of hearing heavy gunfire all day to the south. Sounds like automatic or assault rifles.

Driver complained of nearly hitting a woman in all black walking along North Camano Drive at 5 p.m. in the dark.

Nov. 17

A Chevy Cruze lost control and ran up an embankment at Sunrise Boulevard.

Someone Utsalady Road was attacked by a Doberman and a brown dog, last seen running toward the airport.

Two cars collided on SR 532 and Heichel Road.

Someone found a notebook up against his house on Lehman Drive. Book is full of multiple people’s credit card information.

Resident reported that buckshot is hitting their house from people shooting shotguns on neighboring property on Goodrich Road. 

Nov. 18

A work trailer was prowled overnight on Bonnie Lane.

Nov. 19

A business was broken into on N. East Camano Drive. The inside office door was forced, but the outer entry didn’t appear forced.

A mangy coyote was seen in the area of Flintstone Drive.

Someone reported that a relative on Michelle Drive was fraudulently backdating titles, signing over vehicles and selling his deceased father’s belongings.

A driver in a Silver Pontiac Sport tried to run a vehicle off SR 532 as it came onto the island.

A business owner found that an ex-employee had broken into an East Camano Drive business. 

Nov. 20

Someone selling an item on Let Go is receiving threatening texts from a buyer that says they sent the money. The seller on Lakewood Drive never received the money.

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