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Sept. 29

Vehicles were reported as abandoned: a green pickup with camper on Bretland Road and an older silver Honda with the steering column ripped out, trunk open on Dallman Road.

Sept. 30

A welfare check was requested for an elderly man talking to the bushes on the corner of El Camano Street and South Camano Drive.

Assistance was requested on El Camano Street when a relative was having conversations with people who was not in the room.

A vehicle ran into the ditch, was pointed west by the eastbound lane on Highway 532 at Vineyard Lane.

Oct. 1

A computer was hacked on Brokaw Road. The owner reported giving the hackers $13,000 so far.

A store on N. East Camano Drive requested that a man be removed. He had already been banned from the premises.

A caller reported that a pitbull was following them on Shady Lane and Cassidy Court. It acted aggressively though appeared to be frightened.

A gray-haired man was lying on the side of Arrowhead Road, smoking a cigar, causing a traffic hazard.

Caller on Moore Road advised that a plane landing at Camano Airport in the dark was hit by a blue laser coming from the west.

Oct. 2

A couple on W. Cross Island Road reported at 3 p.m. that a car window was shot out.

A car lost control on Awa Lane.

A Lake Drive caller said a friend wouldn’t leave the house.

A truck with an unsecured load turned off the highway onto Juniper Beach Road, items flying out of the truck.

A caller hit a deer while driving down Camano Hill Road at Camano Ridge.

Oct. 5

A 25-foot sailboat washed up on the beach off Sutherlin Drive. A person in a survival suit was nearby.

A wallet was found in the ditch on Sunrise Boulevard.

A red Polaris off-road vehicle was reported stolen on Cross Island Road.

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