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Nov. 21

Woman wanted to view pictures regarding to damage done to Stanwood Community and Senior Center to see if it was her grandson.

Someone reported a dog acting aggressively toward them in front of the restrooms at a park on Lowell Point Road. The dog owner swore at the person. The person pepper sprayed the dog. 


Nov. 22

Hikers became lost after walking two hours from the Carp Lake trailhead and called for help.

Caller advised a transient woman screaming as she walked down Country Club Drive with a Yorkie running all over.

Caller reported seeing a red halo and possibly red smoke on the hillside across from Camano Plaza at 7:30 p.m. There were no flames, just a halo.

People complained that the neighbors on Livingston Bay were playing music really loud at 8 p.m.


Nov. 23

Callers said they woke at 1 a.m. to hear a woman screaming, “Help, call the cops!” from behind their house on Sunrise Estates Place.

A welfare check was requested on Scenic Avenue at 5 a.m. for an elderly woman who had recently fallen; her residence had been broken into.

Caller reported a lot of vehicles coming and going from the neighbor’s house on Lake Drive, was concerned about drugs.

A vehicle was broken into on Camano Ridge Road. A wallet was taken.

Shooting was reported at dusk and after dark twice on Parkside Drive and once in the area of Bradley Place.

Two cars collided on the west side of East Camano Drive, no injuries.

Caller on San Juan Drive stated they’re hearing noises like someone was prowling around the property but couldn’t see anyone.


Nov. 24

Caller on Hemlock Drive complained that neighbor on Poplar Drive was burning, triggering respiratory problems.


 Nov. 25

A red bicycle in a ditch near Terry’s Corner was picked up after a few calls that said it looked suspicious.

Jewelry was allegedly stolen by visitors to a residence on Pebble Place.

The executor of an estate reported that people living in the deceased’s house on Camano View Road refused to pay rent or leave.

A caller building a race car wanted to know the laws regarding driving it on a private road but wouldn’t say where.

Caller said that movie tickets stolen from a car prowl on Camano Island were brought into the theater.

An aggressive silver husky dog was loose on Noble Fir Lane, but the owners weren’t home.

A boy chasing a dog down the middle of Sunset Drive was reported as a traffic hazard.


Nov. 26

A dead coyote was picked up from East Camano Drive near Maple Ridge Lane.

An alarm went off when someone opened a garage door on Maple Street.

A German Shepherd was running loose around East Camano and Patricia Ann drives.

Two dogs, a beagle terrier and a Labrador, were chasing horses on Camano Hill Road. They wore shock collars without tags.

People in a white van was seen driving along MacBrae Drive opening mailboxes.

Windows were smashed in a Honda Element and Subaru Outback and vehicles prowled in a parking lot on Camano Ridge Road.

Someone on Elger Bay Road received a counterfeit $20.

State police requested assistance with a hit and run suspect in a blue Chrysler left the scene of an accident on SR 532 and 28th Avenue NW and headed onto Camano Island. 


Nov. 27

Someone on Lehman Drive received a fraudulent call from New York saying his vehicle was stolen with drugs inside.

Caller on S. East Camano Drive said that people were in a Ford Ranger on their property and may be stuck.

A doorbell camera on Scenic Lane recorded a silver SUV pull up and take a trailer.

A tire was popped on Aspen Drive.

A vehicle hit a dog on Camano Ridge Road near Carp Lake. The dog ran off and couldn’t be found.

Caller reported a man dressed all in black inside a bus was going through construction equipment where a home was being built on Chase Way.

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