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May 26

A caller on Bradley Place complained of people shooting guns at midnight.

N. East Camano Drive caller reported that a suspicious sedan backed into a handicapped parking spot at 11 p.m. and was still there at 3:30 a.m. running the motor and turning it off.

A Woodland Drive caller said they provided credit card information to a door-to-door pest control salesman, then decided to cancel the transaction. The resident got a call from Western Union requesting permission to charge $2,000.

A postal vehicle was hit on Maple Ridge Lane.

May 27

A mother cat and kittens were reported inside someone’s roof on N. West Camano Drive.

A caller said their mailbox was pried open on Cavalero Road while they took a child to school.

Mail from several addresses was found dumped along Camano Real Place near S. East Camano Drive.

A person was taken into custody in a business on N. East Camano Drive for shoplifting.

May 28

A large white dog on a leash took a morning run across a patio on S. East Camano Drive.

May 29

An empty 16-foot aluminum boat was reported adrift a mile offshore from Edgebluff Road.

Callers said neighbors on Woodland Drive left their dog unattended, and it barked all night for two nights. They were concerned about the dog.

A Madrona Beach Road caller said they didn’t check out a noise heard in the night but later found a hole in the sliding glass door. Burglar didn't get into the house.

A Lakewood Drive caller said a dark Honda Civic just crashed into their tree then drove off.

May 30

A dog is constantly off-leash in the middle of Parkside Drive, luring other dogs to fight in the road.

May 31

A yellow Labrador mix was running loose on N. Camano Ridge Road.

A Granite Lane caller said people were burning without a permit and the neighborhood was filled with smoke. Another burn was reported on Sultan Drive.

A loose pit bull mix charged at a person on Dallman Road.

June 1

A person in a white Ford van was seen on Patricia Ann Drive at night looking in mailboxes with a flashlight. They cut the security camera off the post with a knife.

A Sandy Beach Drive caller said people were trespassing, cutting through the back driveway of their second home on the beach.

A caller said a dog was left in a cage on a driveway on S. East Camano Drive.

A vehicle hit a mailbox on Juniper Beach Road and drove off.

A brown pit bull ran into a house on Fifth Street, wearing no collar or tags.

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