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Island County Sheriff’s deputies responded to these recent calls:


May 22

Neighbors reported three people prowling in the backyard of a residence on Sunset Drive.

Car hit a deer on East Camano Drive near Cross Island Road.

A man in his 60s pulled over in a silver coupe on Margie Lane to tell a woman how pretty her daughter is.

Shooting was reported going on for half an hour out in the greenbelt behind James Way.

A caller reported nearly being hit by a man on a lime green dirt bike on Kodiak Avenue, an ongoing issue.

Landlord’s son shoved a shotgun at resident’s son’s back on Camano View Drive.


May 23

Caller reported that people were harassing residents on Lake Drive, driving around their home in a green Ford Explorer with its lights on after midnight. This isn’t the first time.

Caller asked about a vehicle that was stolen from her property when she was in the hospital.

A vehicle was stopped at 3:40 a.m. in the middle of Bartl Drive and Mountain View Road with its bright lights on facing east, causing a traffic hazard.

Caller has issue with dogs on Beach Drive barking constantly.

A man left an infant and toddler in a running vehicle while in a store on SR 532.

Resident said her neighbor on James Way put home security cameras on their property aimed at her home, invading her privacy.

Caller on Rowe Road reported that neighbor drives on her grass, even moving things she places in the way to stop this ongoing issue.

The door of a vacant house on Heather Drive was left open with a key in it.


May 24

Dog owner on Westview Court called to discuss concerns regarding an email he received about barking complaints.

Fawn-colored boxer dog was running in and out of traffic at Terry’s Corner.

Caller on James Way said neighbor came over and yelled threats at her husband, still threatening him 90 minutes later.

Two cars were reported “all over the road” southbound on Elger Bay Road and northbound at Terry’s Corner.

Caller advised that the neighbor’s kids on High Road were playing loud music in an open garage at midnight, breaking the noise ordinance.


May 25

Calls came in at 6 and 8 a.m. requesting a welfare check on a man on N. East Camano Drive. The first caller didn’t stop, but thought the man, who was near the cemetery, looked like he should be checked on. The second caller said the man was age 30, disoriented and cold, said he hadn’t eaten in a while and had been walking for 6 miles.

Caller on Lucky Lane stated that a neighbor was intentionally shooting a weapon toward him.

An injured deer was reported on the beach near Wilkes Gary Heights.


May 26

Caller reported a red Prius driving around the area of Graham Lake drives looking in mail boxes at 2:40 a.m. When confronted, the driver dumped mail on the ground and left.

Gunshots were reported around Maple Tree Lane.

Caller made a noise complaint; neighbor was shooting military rifles.

Caller reported an ongoing issue with speeding on Sunset Drive.

A boy dressed in a thin sweatshirt and shorts at 9 p.m. on the side of South Camano Drive was crying because he didn’t know if anyone was going to pick him up.

Caller reported a man who had been drinking and falling over, got into a tan SUV and left the neighbor’s house on James Way. The man backed into several things.


May 27

A vehicle was reported swerving all over the road, approaching Camano Plaza at midnight.

A group of at least five young boys were on Sunset Drive, pounding on people’s windows and yelling at 3:30 a.m.

Caller reported that a man appeared to be camping in an RV parked in the road by a vacant house on Weston Road.

Caller reported that a woman who lives nearby trespasses on the property and refuses to leave.

Caller said her cat caught a bat, wanted them tested for rabies. She was referred to her own veterinarian.

Caller said his daughter was bitten by a Glacier Lane neighborhood dog.


May 28

Caller at 4 a.m. said a man was sleeping in a small red Honda on East Camano Drive.

Resident who discovered that the person who was supposed to take her range also took her refrigerator.

Man walked to the top of his driveway on Arrowhead Road and was charged by two growling dogs. One was a large brown hound with a broken chain.


May 29

A woman trespassed on a residence on Cascade View Drive and dug up a tree.

Caller said they found the fourth needle on the Beach Drive property since moving in.

Someone was reported shooting a machine gun in the area of Bradley Place.

A black Chevy truck on SR 532 was brake-checking other cars and threw something at a windshield. 

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