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Island County Sheriff’s reported these incidents:


Oct. 31

Items were stolen out of a yard on Vista Drive on two occasions in the past few weeks.

A connection box was broken into on vacant property on Monticello Drive that is getting ready to be built on.

Someone broke into a shed on Country Club Drive and stole a bunch of items.

Several light brown pitbulls with white markings were running loose on Elhardt Street, possibly a mom and puppies.

Caller asked what happened to his Lincoln Town Car after a search warrant was served on it several weeks ago.

Caller reported a white truck going 10 mph on SR 532 near the cemetery followed by 20 cars and counting.

A German Shepherd puppy with a red caller was running in traffic at Terry’s Corner running along SR 532 toward Camano Plaza.

A driver reported that the speed monitor on SR 532 at Smith Road was off by about 10 mph.

A person with a warrant called to ask if the jail would take him if he turns himself in, said that the jail wouldn’t take him in the past because of medical issues.


Nov. 1

Caller reported a prowler in their backyard on Carol Street with a burlap sack over the head and wearing a cape. Subject was holding wood. 

Nov. 2

A Mercedes pickup went off the road, hit mailboxes, went up and under a travel trailer, but no one was injured.

A car hit a dog at SR 532 and Good Road around 10 p.m. The injured dog ran off.


Nov. 3

Caller on Good Road heard from Facebook that a border collie was hit by a car last night. Her border collie had been missing.

A business on N. East Camano Drive asked that a transient man in his 30s be removed. He had been threatening customers all day.

A man tried to buy alcohol and became upset when he was refused, left on foot.


Nov. 4

Caller states she has not yet reported things stolen from a home on Lake Grove Road including a guitar and tools.


Nov. 5

A construction worker yelled at the dog next door until the neighbor on Diana Place showed him a gun.

A laptop computer was stolen from a car overnight on Stirling Drive.

An older SUV ran into a tree east of Dodge Road. Smoke was coming out of the front and no one was seen in the vehicle.

Caller reported that a shirtless man walking on Kodiak Avenue and Falcon Road. His hand was bleeding profusely, but said he didn’t know what caused it, then wandered off.

Caller reported finding blood on her porch on Loganberry Lane.

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