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Island County Sheriff’s Office reported these recent calls:


July 25

A Rottweiler dog bit his human neighbor on the forearm on Hampton Court. Loose dogs are an ongoing issue there.

People in a white Jeep were reportedly driving into people’s yards.

Caller requested a welfare check for a man and small child who were walking along E. Cross Island Road. The man was carrying a suitcase and blanket. 

Resident on Cascade View Drive suspects the neighbor stole No Trespass signs off the property despite a trespass order. This neighbor has been coming onto the property and messing with planter boxes.

A caller reported being stuck in his boat at the south end after another vessel struck and damaged the motor. A dispute followed the accident. 

A man driving a blue Subaru Outback yelled at other drivers on SR 532 near Smith Road and made threatening gestures with a knife. 

Caller saw a blue Prius with a woman banging on the inside of the windows and screaming as it went up Ridgecrest Road toward the estates.

Caller reported a commercial smelting boat operator unloading his catch on a county boat ramp in Maple Grove, in violation of state Fish and Wildlife rules.

Caller reported someone igniting booming fireworks in the Madrona Beach area just before midnight.


July 26

Caller on Ricky Mountain High Road reported that a man tore down a sign and made threats should he find the sign replaced.

Fireworks were set off on Shoreline Drive.

Caller complained at 10 p.m. that a dog had been barking since 8:30.

An older Miata was reportedly going 80 mph on East Camano Drive and ran the red light at Cross Island Road.

Two people on a 16- to 18-foot boat appeared to be stealing from crab pots at midnight in the water off of Port Susan Terrace Road.


July 27

A gray 2019 Ford F150 truck and boat trailer was possibly stolen from the Maple Grove boat launch during the previous night.

Caller reported about eight vehicles racing east on Cross Island Road at excessive speed.

Neighbor’s dog was barking at 1 a.m. on Cook Road. Also occurred the previous night.

Caller complained of gunfire nearby on El Camano Street.

Caller advised that about five vehicles were parked at Sunset Drive and 4th Street, illegally crabbing at Madrona Beach.

Someone reported that a suspicious person rode up on a bike, walked into the neighbor’s house on San Juan Drive and looked around the property.

Caller stated that a neighbor cut the chain on the caller’s Bradley Place property for the second time.

Caller on Pilchuck Drive reported an ongoing problem with neighbors parking vehicles that partially block the road.

Caller reported at least eight people in the water near Arrowhead Beach Road calling for help around 8 p.m. 

A thin man in his early 20s was seen in the bushes near a vacant house on Grandview Avenue.


July 28

A 14-foot boat with a black Mercury motor washed up in front of a residence on S. East Camano Drive.

Caller reported that the landlord broke into her residence the previous night and damaged the deadbolt.

Caller advised that all of the mailboxes on Beach Drive were open and mail was gone.

An alarm went off in a Country Club Drive residence, with multiple trips at the front door, garage window, garage car door, almost every device was tripped; no one on site answered calls. 

A resident on Sunrise Estates Place reported calls involving Social Security numbers from two telephone numbers.

A neighbor was trespassing at a residence on Cascade View Drive and refused to leave.

A bicycle was stolen from a front yard on Uplands Drive.


July 30

A guardrail on West Cross Island Road and West Camano Drive had been impacted with minor damage.

Resident on Gerdes Road reported stolen mail. She found a Ziploc bag near her mailbox containing some of her mail dating from May, as well as someone else’s mail.

Caller at a gas station on McElroy Drive reported that a driver had just poured beer into a cup then took off drinking and driving.

Renter got home and landlord blocked the driveway on Conklin Drive. When the renter got out of the car, landlord reportedly antagonized the renter, calling names and trying to provoke a fight.

Resident on W. Cross Island Road came home to find the door kicked in but couldn’t find anything out of place.

July 31

A semi truck driver needed assistance to back a truck safely onto East Camano Drive during heavy traffic.

A physical domestic situation was reported on Pilchuck Drive with screaming profanities and the sounds of slapping.

A pink mountain bike was stolen from outside a residence on Karen Ann Drive.

A transient person was found sleeping on the premises on Arrowhead Road.

Neighbors on Upper Valley Way have an issue with loose domestic rabbits running free in the area, asked deputies to contact the owner.

Resident on Rainbow Lane said someone was cutting branches off their trees.

Caller on Elhardt Street reported a man was on their property and wouldn’t leave. The man got near the phone and advised that he is a process server.

Caller on Pilchuck Drive reported that a woman next door was drinking and yelling death threats.

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