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June 3

A vehicle was damaged by rocks being thrown from near Highway 532 and Hanstad Road.

A fallen tree across the road was reported on Mabana Heights Road.

A woman was reportedly in the road with her belongings blocking traffic at N. East Camano Drive.

Mailboxes were knocked down when a car struck them after swerving to avoid a dog that ran into the road on Kodiak Avenue.

June 5

A trailer was reported stolen on N. East Camano Drive.

An excavator was reported vandalized on Viewmont Place.

June 6

A fallen tree was reported across the road blocking both lanes near the American Legion Post on S. West Camano Drive.

Three catalytic converters were reported stolen on Arrowhead Road.

A trailer was reported stolen on N. East Camano Drive.

A donkey and three horses were reported in the roadway at South Camano and Moana Drive.

June 8

Items were reported stolen from a boat on Sloan Place.

June 9

A vehicle was reported broken into on Lakewood Drive.

A fallen tree was blocking E. Mountain View Road.

June 10

A tree was blocking both lanes of Camano Ridge Road.

A vehicle was reported stolen on Arrowhead Road.

A vehicle was reported broken into on Manaco Beach Road.

June 11

The rear window of a vehicle was vandalized on Maddy Lane.

June 12

Multiple reports were made about several vehicles being broken into and items stolen on Diana Place.

June 13

A person reported being attacked by two dogs on Sandy Drive.

A car was reported vandalized on Country Club Drive.

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