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July 28

At N. Sunrise Boulevard, a man in his early 50s with long gray hair, wearing a green T-shirt and black shorts, was pounding on doors and walking through the buildings. 

A Shannaron Lane caller reported their gun, a Glock 23, was missing. 

An illegal burn was reported on Madrona Beach Road.

A 5-foot, lime green kayak was seen 2 miles from shore. 

July 29

A Maple Grove Road resident reported that someone cut a tree on their property.

July 30

A Chihuahua was attacked by a pit bull at Aspen Drive.

A caller on Sauk Drive said neighbors let dogs out intentionally to bark at them. 

A caller on N. Sunset Drive reported a bonfire by the beach.

July 31

A campfire was reported at a house on Iverson Road.

Glacier Peak Drive caller requested a call regarding online fraud.

Near Chase Way and Saratoga Hills Drive, someone dumped an old desk and two suitcases at the entrance of a housing area.

A Lowell Point Road caller reported a campfire.

Aug. 1

A caller on E. Mountain View Road thought someone was trying to break in. They heard pounding against the residence.

A Journey's End Lane caller said three kids with pellet guns are shooting onto caller’s property.

A caller on Simonson Place said people at Cavalero Park were lighting fireworks.

Aug. 2

A peacock was roaming at the end of Island View Drive.

Aug. 3

A Swiss Alps Loop caller found mail on the ground while out on walk.

A caller on Country Club Drive found a bunch of mail in a waste bin.

A hiker on a trail near Cavalero Road and Orcas Drive found more than 70 pieces of mail.

A caller on Bella Vista Lane reported two mailboxes had been broken into.

A Bartl Drive caller found mail. 

The owner of an electric bike on Arrowhead Road reported it was stolen.

A caller reported two cars racing down S. West Camano Drive. 

Aug. 4

A driver crashed into a gas station at N. East Camano Drive.

A walker on Highland Drive reported that a loose pit bull barked and charged at them. 

N. Sunset Drive caller reported possible online fraud.

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