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Island County Sheriff’s deputies received these recent calls:


Aug. 22

Caller on Marcie Ann Drive overheard the lady next door say, “This is not for us, this is for the woman next door.” Caller went to the neighbors’ house, and the man said she had no package there.

Caller on Beach Drive asked if he could get a pellet gun and “take care of” the abundant rabbits in his area.

Caller on Madrona Beach Road reported that a man drove by in a maroon GMC truck and yelled a death threat, another incident in ongoing harassment.

A man with a flashlight was seen at 9:30 p.m., walking westbound on Cross Island Road and opening mailboxes.


Aug. 23

Caller at 3 a.m. complained of an ongoing issue with neighbors playing loud music.

A house fire was reported at 6:35 a.m. on Green Island Way 

A car hit a deer at 7:30 a.m. on S. West Camano Drive. 

A lab mix dog with a red collar, no tags, was running loose in the Mount Baker Avenue and Monticello Drive area.

Caller on Sauk Drive wanted to know what legal actions can be taken to get rid of raccoons living on the property.

Resident on Madrona Beach Road reported the neighbor yelled death threats and honked all the way up the roadway, an ongoing issue.

Caller with a toddler in a park on Lowell Point Road said a group of people a few sites away were loud and yelling obscenities late at night; caller was concerned they might be aggressive. Caller crossed paths with the group and had a verbal dispute on Aug. 26 and tried on Aug. 27 to get an apology, to which they cursed.

A woman called for assistance on Vine Maple Lane. A man could be heard yelling obscenities at her.

Caller reported at 11:30 p.m. that the neighbor dog had been barking since 7 p.m.


Aug. 24

Caller reported at 1:45 a.m. someone trespassing on their property on Hanstad Road.

Caller advised that fencing had been cut on Sands View Road.

A person in a truck threatened to hit someone on Ocean Drive.

Caller on Beach Drive advised that people were burning driftwood on the beach.


Aug. 25

Child on Sukyma Lane called at 12:22 a.m., refused to answer questions but said his father fell down the stairs, might have a concussion and was sleeping.

A 20-foot power boat with two motors broke loose from its mooring and washed up at the north end of Cama Beach. Caller on West Camano Drive said they’d remove it at high tide.

An evicted tenant returned to Green Island Way.

Loud rifle shots were reported around Lake Grove Road.

Caller believes people are trespassing in a vacant house on Elhardt Street, saw an elderly woman coming outside.

Neighbor’s dog was barking on Mount Baker Avenue.


Aug. 25

A 25-foot RV trailer parked for a few days on Margie Ann Drive was blocking traffic and causing a hazard. A car nearly ran into it.

A brush fire was reported on Waterline Loop.


Aug. 26

A late 1970s Bronco, silver with blue and red trim, was left at the dead end of Solar Way for three days.

Caller, concerned about previous ID theft, received a catalog at their address that has a stranger’s name on it.

Caller on Teresa Street advised that they are holding two stray dogs, a Rottweiler and a pit bull, that showed up at their house.

Caller on Juniper Beach Road asked a man to leave and he refused.


Aug. 27

Caller on Sandstone Lane reported at 7:25 a.m. that an apparently homeless man came to the door and said he thought he knew someone who lived there. He was about 30 years old, 5-feet 8-inches, medium build and was reported going to other doors in the area.

A trailer with no license plate was abandoned for a week in a parking lot on Can Ku Road.

An older white sedan was parked near the caller’s driveway on Sunset Drive for a couple days.

Caller reported back pain after a vehicle accident at SR 532 and Smith Road.

Two paddle boarders were in distress in the middle of Livingston Bay and sent a text to a friend saying they were being pulled out to sea.

A dog was barking on Noble Fir Lane.

A woman was heard screaming on Mountain View Road.

Gunfire was heard coming from Monticello Drive.


Aug. 28

A porcupine was reported off the side of North Camano Drive.

An outboard motor was stolen from a location on SR 532. Thief attempted to take another motor, but it was stuck under the fence.

A woman banged on a door on Crestview Drive and asked the caller to dial 911. She was heard yelling “Make it stop.”

An orange Camaro was off Russell and Lehman Road in an accident.

A dog and walker on Lake Drive were attacked by a dog, whose owner said he would fix the fence but has not.

A blue Nissan Pathfinder was off Lehman Road and into trees.

A cooler and mountain bike were stolen from a yard on Cross Island Road in the past week. Caller has video of a subject seen on a bike late at night.

A friend was following the caller, harassing everyone in the house in the Lost Lake area.


— Reports about animals or barking dogs are considered non-emergency responses. Call Island County dispatch, 360-629-2224, to report these concerns. 

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