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Aug. 27

A driver fell asleep and drove his vehicle into a tree on N. Sunrise Blvd.

Three Trump signs were taken on N. Camano Ridge Road.

A woman on Central Drive said a man is cutting her trees without permission. She said she asked for an estimate for tree cutting services, but did not officially hire him.

Aug. 28

An owner on Westview Court said that renters cut down two fir trees.

A caller on Edgewater Drive reports a sailboarder crashed in the water and is not getting up.

Aug. 29

A caller said a suspect from daughter's assault in March is trying to contact the daughter via Snapchat.

Michelle Drive caller said ex-mother-in-law is threatening to come to location to take 1957 Ford Fairlane that used to belong to ex-father-in-law.

Lorna Lane man said neighbor had surveyor redraw property lines and is preparing to clear trees Monday. Caller wants his own surveyor to check property line before she cuts down trees.

A man at Cavalaro boat launch said a man is harassing him because he is fishing.

Aug. 30

A caller on Bretland Road and Broadmoor Road reported a 16-foot white Dynasty boat left in Port Susan on Aug. 25 was now missing.

A German shepherd on Lochwood Drive was reported chasing people and dogs but hadn’t bitten anyone.

A Bonnie Lane man said he captured a possible giant Asian hornet.

Aug. 31

A woman at S. Camano Ridge Road had to leave her RV because a man who was helping her was getting aggressive. He reportedly had knives and a gun in the RV.

Sept. 1

An El Camano Street man said all of his belongings were removed from his mother's house after she told him he can’t live there anymore due to COVID-19.

A caller at Highway 532 and Vineyard Lane said a man with a semi-truck loaded with cars is tailgating and yelling and screaming out the window.

Sept. 2

A woman on Cheryl Ann Drive is house-sitting, and a real estate agent left the door open at neighbors and two dogs got out.

A large rusty-colored dog that appears hungry has been in the yard on S. East Camano Drive eating bird seed for the past 30 minutes.

A red Toyota pickup ran off the road twice and hit a guardrail at Highway 532 and N. Sunrise Boulevard.

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