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Jan. 28

Brindle Place man reported he has fraudulent charges on his credit card.  

A caller on Highway 532 received a fraudulent call from someone claiming to be with the IRS 

South Camano Drive caller reported a black Corolla or Camry with two young men stealing packages. 

Pilchuck Drive woman reported a pig from across the street was on her property — again.

A caller near Rolfson Road and Utsalady Road reported an abandoned white Ford pickup at the stop sign. 

A Crestview Drive caller reported a physical fight between two people in the house. 

Jan. 29 

A Mountain View Road boy reported his stepmom was possibly having an overdose 

Camaloch Drive caller said a suspicious car had been parking by the pool, and it's the third time it was parked near that location.

A teacher on Elger Bay Road spotted two men sitting in woods behind the school. 

A woman on Lehman Drive reports being harassed by an ex-boyfriend. 

A caller on Bonnie Lane reported identity theft. 

A woman on S. East Camano Drive found a backpack in her yard that was filled with mail.  

An Amanda Lane man reported mail theft.

A caller on South Camano Drive saw a 20-foot cabin cruiser with a white hull out from Elger Bay HeadNo lights were on, and it appeared to be drifting.  

Chapman Road man said his girlfriend refused to leave and was parked outside the gate and trying to come onto the property. 

Jan. 30 

Lochwood Drive caller said three people walked in the chalet by the Country Club pool. One had a bike, and another had a sleeping bag. The caller said sometimes people sleep in the bathrooms. 

A caller on Firwood Lane said there was a deer in the yard with an arrow through its neck. It was alive and walking around.  

Vista Drive caller said his generator was taken. It was chained and padlocked to a propane tank. 

Jan. 31 

A woman on James Way said she’s being stalked by someone she knows. 

A five-car accident happened on Highway 532 and Smith Road. 

Feb. 1 

Zion Place caller said the neighbor has been cutting down their 7-foot fence a foot at a time. 

Monticello Drive caller complained about machinery making noise for hours.

A caller on Hanstad Road stated that 10 domesticated turkeys were running in her yard and on her roof. 

A car accident on Rowe Road broke a water main and flooded the yard. 

A E. North Camano Drive caller said a FedEx driver was locked out of his truck. 

Feb. 2 

A caller on Dolphin Street reported a prowler was wandering around the neighborhood. The man was walking through thcul-de-sac with a cell phone, wearing a hoodie and Carhart jacket and jeans. 

South Camano Drive caller said a white Chevy pickup with a white canopy was abandoned. It has no plates, and the windows were open. 

Feb. 3 

A caller on Highland Drive complained about construction noise at 5:45 a.m. 

Patricia Ann Drive caller reported mailboxes in the area were rummaged through overnight.  

A caller on N. West Camano Drive reported her mailbox was broken into.  

Feb. 3 

There were several reports that Maple Grove Road and Sunset View Way residents had mail stolen. 

A caller on Portage Road said there is an injured cat stuck under the deck. 

A N. Sunset Drive woman said her car was broken into overnight. Her jumper cables and emergency car kit were taken. 

A Forest Glen Lane caller reported that he asked his neighbor to leave his property, and the neighbor pulled a gun on him. 

Hillside Drive caller reported things were taken from his vehicle. He walked out and saw the door was open and three items were missing. 

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