Leonard Kelley, new mayor

Leonard Kelley collected more than 61 percent of votes to become Stanwood’s next mayor.

Les Anderson trailed with 37.5 percent.

“I’m disappointed,” Anderson said. “I was in it to win, but I wasn’t strong enough. He (Kelley) ran a better campaign than I did.”

“I worked hard at this,” Kelley said. “I knocked on probably 1,700 doors out of the city’s 2,100 registered voters. It’s nice that the hard work paid off.”

Kelley said he had conversations lasting 45 minutes on people’s front porches. Some invited him into their homes.

“We had a lot of really good conversations,” he said.

During his initial steps as mayor, Kelley said he plans to tackle the learning curve and wants to meet with city staff and share the things he heard while talking to residents — some of which were encouraging, and some of which were less than flattering.

Kelley said he thought the race would be closer, and he’s happy to win by a wide margin.

“It’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders,” he said. “I was ready for the anxiety to be over three weeks ago.”

“I’m proud of the campaign,” Kelley said. “We both took the high road. I never heard of Les (Anderson) badmouthing me.”

On Camano Island, Erik Shouse and Paul Williams edged out Carolyn Klein and Barbara Garnett for fire commissioner positions 2 and 4, respectively.

Voter turnout across Island County was 56 percent, or 28,668 voters. Only Camano voters could cast a ballot for their fire commissioners, though, and about 5,500 people did.

Shouse took 52.8 percent, or 2,915, of the votes. Klein trailed by 309.

Williams took 53 percent, or 2,869, of the votes. Garnett was 329 short.

Stanwood City Council will see some fresh faces in the new year, too. All the races were uncontested.

Rob Johnson, a resident for two years, will take Position 1. Arne Wennerberg, who has served on council previously, will sit in Position 2. Larry Sather and Conrad Ryer were re-elected to positions 5 and 6, and Dottie Gorsuch, a resident for four years and a newcomer to politics, will round out council at Position 7.

Election results will be certified Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Staff Reporter Jeremiah O’Hagan: 629-8066 ext. 125 or ohagan@scnews.com.

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