Stanwood's Market Street in early 1900s

High water took over Stanwood streets as shown in this early day photo looking south on Market Street towards where Twin City Foods Inc. is today. The partial sign of the Stanwood Hotel is at upper right. The newspaper editor wrote, “Since the high water this past week, the center of Market Street more resembles a scrap pile of discarded rubbish than the principal thoroughfare of a dignified city like Stanwood.” The old Palace Hotel in the distance is where today's SR 532 now cuts through towards Camano.

EARLY HISTORY: In 1857, Grennen and Cranney started a sawmill at Utsaladdy, said to be the biggest in the world at that time. Capt. Issac Parker built it and was paid in lumber. In 1860, he took the first shipload of lumber ever shipped from Puget Sound to Shanghai, China.

1907 – The new singing society in Stanwood enrolled 20 people.

100 YEARS AGO (1917)

Young people of the church were asking for more services in English.

Pleasant Hill (vicinity north of 300th NW) basketball team beat Cedarhome team.

90 YEARS AGO (1927)

The Stanwood Hotel was damaged March 11 by fire and a new flat roof covered with tar and gravel was put on.

Four Leaf Clover Club bought two holly trees to plant on either side of the library as a memorial.

N.E. Isaacson won a prize from the Stanwood Commercial Club for raising the largest tonnage of beans.

80 YEARS AGO (1937)

Stanwood Union High School sociology classes visited the state capital with Supt. Lange.

Camano 4-H Club served tea at Camp Pleasant.

70 YEARS AGO (1947)

Stanwood Millwork Building was completed on the site of the former shipyard (behind Twin City Foods Inc.).

City Hall wasn't available for public use, due to the smoke damage from the furnace gas combustion.

60 YEARS AGO (1957)

Camano Island State Park got $70,000 appropriation from the state.

South Camano Grange sponsored roller-skating.

Florence Thompson, born in 1889, was a nurse during World War I in France and came to Camano where she passed away this year.

50 YEARS AGO (1967)

The Charity Ball at the American Legion Hall kicked off Library Guild fundraising for a new building.

Mrs. Bessie Ireland was the only living charter member of Green Wood Grange at Warm Beach and received a 50-year pin.

40 YEARS AGO (1977)

Bud Olson joined staff of First National Bank of Stanwood.

Darren Maddy of Stanwood High School placed fourth in the state mat tourney.

The Book Nook, a Christian bookstore, opened on Main Street.

Stanwood Booster Club donated weights for use by wrestlers, football players and the track team.

30 YEARS AGO (1987)

Pam Fugier of Stanwood was name employee of the year in the 12-store Thrifty Foods chain.

55/Alive Mature Driving course was offered by AARP in Camano Chapel Hearth Room.

Jack and Jane McCabe were owners and operators of Silvana Mercantile.

20 YEARS AGO (1997)

Three Stanwood High School students went to Olympia in the American Cancer Society's first Student Lobby Day.

Stanwood High School’s ladies basketball team was among the top eight teams in the state.

10 YEARS AGO (2007)

Ten families moved into Housing Hope complex after completing “sweat-equity” labor in building their own homes.

The second Passover celebration by the Jewish people in this area was held in Camano Country Club.

Warm Beach neighbors objected to new condominiums proposed for Soundview senior community expansion.

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