News Files: East Stanwood in 1927

East Stanwood in 1927, looking west from the railroad tracks. People’s Union Store was in the block at right. The H&H Railroad tracks are visible at left, running past the Bartz Hotel, far left, now site of Wayne’s Cafe.

EARLY HISTORY: John Joergenson was bookkeeper for People’s Union Store and Meat Market of Stanwood in 1907. The store was enlarged with the warehouse rebuilt near the depot.

For sale: 56 acres two miles east of Milltown, 4-room house, $500.

100 YEARS AGO (1917)

Knitters in the community heard an appeal from the U.S. President to the Red Cross for 1,500,000 sets of sweaters, mufflers and socks for Europe.

Enrollment at the high school was 88, with a class in Spanish considered.

90 YEARS AGO (1927)

A countywide compulsory tuberculin vaccine test was started.

Mr. Cory of Seattle bought tideland and waterfront at Camano City from C.W. Weston, and had a road built to the beach where he constructed 10 cabins and a community kitchen.

Stanwood City Council adopted a budget of over $6,000 for 1928.

80 YEARS AGO (1937)

Miss Frances Davison was the fifth-grade teacher in East Stanwood, as a large rise in enrollment necessitated her employment.

Mr. Good of Mabana retired after being a railroad engineer for 40 years.

The Ben Ills, former manager of Madrona Beach and store, bought land in the tract known as Sears-Roebuck to build a house.

70 YEARS AGO (1947)

Stan Boreson was with the Circle Ranch Boys in Stanwood, then went to Hollywood to make radio transcriptions. Later he had a long-running children’s television program on Channel 5 in Seattle.

Town firemen protested the suggested drainage funds as they insisted new fire mains were of greater importance.

60 YEARS AGO (1957)

Jim’s Sporting Goods (now Jones & Butler law offices) celebrated its first anniversary.

Norine Hafstad, long in charge of Stanwood streets, resigned from her job.

Camano Lutheran dedicated its new parsonage.

50 YEARS AGO (1967)

The library building campaign raised over $18,000 but was still far below the $50,000 needed.

Over 300 guests registered last summer at Camano Beach resort.

Hamilton Lumber Co. opened its new showroom, marking the 39th year of business.

40 YEARS AGO (1977)

Workers finished installation of the city’s storm drainage system and began asphalting the roadway.

30 YEARS AGO (1987)

Yvonne Lindell retired from the food service industry, the past seven years at the Farmett Drive-In (present site of McDonalds).

Eleanor Fortson, Don Einerson and Burt Garrison organized the effort to raise over $3,300 for United Way on Camano.

20 YEARS AGO (1997)

Spraying for the weed spartina in Livingston Bay was done by helicopter.

Two new school buildings were dedicated.

Colby Knudson, Abe Silvestri and Josh Husby of Stanwood were on a Pacific Northwest baseball team, along with Scott Knight as head coach, who won eight games playing in Australia.

10 YEARS AGO (2007)

Camano Island got its first public biodiesel pump at Camano Plaza.

Stanwood City Council created a salary commission to establish pay rates for elected officials.

After six days of boiling their water, Kayak Point residents were told by PUD that their drinking water was safe to drink.

Island County Sheriff’s Office began sporting 2007 Dodge Charger police cars.

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