Co-Ed Club

Of the many clubs at Stanwood High School in 1980, the Co-Ed Club promoted and celebrated Valentine week. Photo of members was taken from the 1980 high school annual.

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Pioneer Halvor Husby from Norway took out a 160-acre homestead at Norman, and a street in the East Stanwood was later named for the family (the street ran east-west in front of today’s high school).

Joseph Melby was born in Minnesota in 1890 and later became chaplain at Josephine Sunset Home for over 20 years.

In 1910, John Pitts of Missouri came to Stanwood and married pioneer Agnes Barclay.

100 YEARS AGO (1920)

Hugh Delong served in World War I, and after a career as tugboat captain, settled on Camano Island.

90 YEARS AGO (1930)

Salaries were cut for city officials: attorney went from $25 to $12.50; police judge from $15 to $5, and treasurer, $12 to $5.

Sparks blown by the wind from the big burner at Clough Lumber Co. mill set fire to the Jacobson house across the street.

80 YEARS AGO (1940)

The pheasant farm at Florence started with 38 Chinese birds in spring 1939, and grew to 1,800 birds by 1940.

70 YEARS AGO (1950)

East Stanwood City Council discussed the feasibility of a tie in with city water mains for fire protection.

The state highway department plans for 1950 called for resurfacing the highway from East Stanwood to Stanwood with asphaltic concrete.

60 YEARS AGO (1960)

All churches in the Twin Cities and Camano Island area took part in the religious interest survey, according to the local ministerial association.

50 YEARS AGO (1970)

Feb. 14 marked 100 years since the area’s first post office opened at Centerville, Stanwood’s predecessor.

In spite of the flu siege, more than 50 people gave blood.

Donna Sather and Chris Moe were candidates for the county Dairy Princess.

Camwood Apartments were ready for occupancy.

40 YEARS AGO (1980)

The city could be tapped for an unforeseen $80,000 on the 271st Street project.

The Lakewood area south of Stanwood was one of the last districts in the state to not have its own high school, but a bond issue would decide the outcome.

30 YEARS AGO (1990)

Stan Boreson, famous Northwest entertainer with roots in Stanwood, helped mark the start of Camano Lutheran Church’s centennial year.

Earthquake disaster drills were held on Camano for emergency service agencies.

20 YEARS AGO (2000)

Camano was to get its first traffic signal light.

Businesses petitioned the city to keep reader boards.

10 YEARS AGO (2010)

Island County considered acquiring Barnum Point waterfront land on Camano.

The Super Bowl of Special Olympics basketball for the Pacific NW was held at Stanwood High School and Stanwood Middle School. Stanwood senior team took a gold medal.

Utsalady Elementary created posters for “no name-calling week.”

The high school paper “Spartan Spectrum” went online.

Lady Spartan wrestling team walked away with the District 2 Sub-Regional Championships.

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