News Files: Florence bridge comes down in 1979

A crane removes a section of the old Thomle steel bridge over the Stillaguamish River on Marine Drive in 1979. The first bridge in this spot was constructed in 1907, and was replaced by a new span in 1959.


Dora Thorsen of Florence, a SHS graduate and a graduate of Bellingham Normal College (teachers’ college, now WWU), returned to teach at Woodland School in 1909, in vicinity of the fairgrounds.

Contractors remodeled a Main Street building owned by George Ketchum, used by Plett and Paddock as a carpenter shop.


100 YEARS AGO (1919)

Joe Meade of Stanwood served in the military service during World War I.

Arthur Anderson, born in Silvana in 1918, later grew up to run Art’s Trailer Park along the Stillaguamish River at Silvana.


90 YEARS AGO (1929)

Current expenses for the town of Stanwood included the clerk’s salary, $240, attorney, $300, treasurer, $150, marshal, $1,800, street sweeper, $300, lighting, $12, and hauling garbage, $200.

Kindergarten met every morning in Stanwood with a charge of $1 a week.

Grace Hurd of Stanwood was the national president of the Daughters of the United Veterans of the Civil War.


80 YEARS AGO (1939)

Mr. Forstrom had an orchestra of 27 members at Lincoln School.

Three fires were set within one block in Stanwood.


70 YEARS AGO (1949)

Victoria Community Fair (vicinity of 288th St. NE) was deemed a success, with the national vice president of the Farmers Union as speaker.

George Hancock retired as the Camano mail carrier after three decades.

60 YEARS AGO (1959)

A church high school bowling league was organized with Jay Lien as president.

More than 50 grange members attended the annual booster night here.


50 YEARS AGO (1969)

Cliff Fosse, manager of Stanwood PUD, retired after 46 years.

John Holmes was elected president of the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation.

40 YEARS AGO (1979)

Teachers from the past were special guests at Stanwood’s homecoming.

Five gas stations were denied extra gas allocations from the DOE.

Well tests on the north end of Camano revealed growing levels of saltwater intrusion.

Demolition of the old Thomle Bridge at Florence started.


30 YEARS AGO (1989)

The Union Gas Station formerly across from NW Veterinary Clinic, was thought to be the site of an early saw mill.

Incorporation of Camano Island was under discussion.


20 YEARS AGO (1999)

The world’s first “microship” sailed into Saratoga Passage, with Steven Roberts of Camano at the helm.

Chemical sensitivity was a prime suspect in school bus sickness.


10 YEARS AGO (2009)

Crews were doing finish work on the new Stanwood Train Station, with shelters designed to mimic a barn, complementing the agricultural community. Amtrak trains would stop four times a day in Stanwood once it opened.

Former Stanwood Camano News publisher, Dave Pinkham, was awarded the Master Editor/Publisher Award at the WNPA convention in Olympia.

A helicopter and five support units assisted in battling a fire at Warm Beach.

Alyssa Thompson of the Stanwood FFA, played in the National FFA Band at the convention in Indianapolis.

Four sports teams at SHS won over opponents, including a gridiron defeat of Whidbey. Minna Fields put up a new course record for the recently established Stanwood cross-country course.

In honor of St. Francis’ Day, dogs and cats attended services with their humans at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church on Camano where the animals received blessings.

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