Forest fires were as alarming in pioneer days as now but even more so as there was no way to fight them like what is done today. This blackened tree stump was a relic of such a fire, possibly in the Cedarhome area in about 1910. It served as a handy perch for a posing foursome.


Asmund Hatvedt, born in in Norway in 1850, came to East Stanwood in 1883.

Forest fires raged throughout Cedarhome in 1910 and enclosed Anderson Cemetery in the brush and timber.

100 YEARS AGO (1920)

There was no hardware store in Conway, so folks from there patronized the Stanwood firm of Hafstad’s Hardware.

90 YEARS AGO (1930)

The Old Settlers Picnic was held at New Utsalady School.

The Sons of Norway Hall in Stanwood was raised to replace the wooden block foundation with cement slabs.

80 YEARS AGO (1940)

Stanwood Methodist Church celebrated 50 years.

Stanwood Harvest Days were set for mid-August.

The new town hall had leaded glass windows in frames painted colonial yellow.

70 YEARS AGO (1950)

The new bridge connecting Stanwood and Camano was dedicated to one of our country’s greatest war heroes, Gen. Mark W. Clark, who maintained a home on Camano.

Over $1,000 in merchandise was given away at the Lions Club Bazaar at the intersection of Michell/Union streets.

60 YEARS AGO (1960)

Over 50 campers and 18 trailers were at Camano Island State Park over the weekend.

Victoria Community had new phones; modern compared with some of the old ones in use since 1928.

50 YEARS AGO (1970)

The Rev. and Mrs. Leonard J. Philp were pastors at Evangel Tabernacle.

Workers put a new roof on sections of the concession booths at the fairgrounds.

40 YEARS AGO (1980)

Stanwood Branch of Island Savings and Loan opened.

The oldest building in the Warm Beach area, the Greenwood Grange Hall, suffered from sagging roof, and members sought help to restore it.

30 YEARS AGO (1990)

Spring rains inundated local fields and stalled the start of pea harvest.

Island County contemplated getting a new public works department.

20 YEARS AGO (2000)

The city fire station had become a safety hazard, the building beyond repair.

Darryl Main, SHS ag-mechanics instructor, was named Outstanding Agriculture Instructor in the state.

The Rev. David Dartnall was the newest member of Camano Chapel ministerial team.

Susan Garrison-Clise of Camano climbed Mount Kilimanjaro June 29.

10 YEARS AGO (2010)

SHS graduate Jodi Strong trained K-9 police teams in Iraq, joining the U.S. Army in 1998, and as staff sergeant, joined K-9 school in 2005.

Camp Fire USA turned 100, and Camp Killoqua hosted a centennial celebration at the campgrounds south of Stanwood.

Safe Harbor Free Clinic in Stanwood began free mobile clinics in the area.

Stanwood Lions Club collected about 2,000 used eyeglasses a year, and Roy Lesher of Camano was one of the volunteers who went to Mexico with them for distribution at vision clinics.

The new Camano (formally Mark Clark) bridge was in final stages of completion.

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