Landry’s blacksmith shop

Landry’s blacksmith shop was originally started in the early days by Mathias Kjelstad who sold it to Hans Klett (at left, with small son Harold, center). Two men at right are Erik Skaarjom and Christopher Klett, Han’s father. Hans bought the shop from Kjelstad for $1,000 in 1908 and ran it until he passed away in 1911. Landry took over the shop in 1921.

Early History

Peter Logan was born in Stanwood in 1891 and later served as commander of American Legion Post 92 in Stanwood in 1938.

Feb. 14, 1911

Some of the workers at the Lake Goodwin Shingle Mill had pioneer beginnings here: Larson, Franks, Hameke, Lindstrom, Kraig, Post, Hamel, Wilcox, Furuheim, Wortz and Johnson.

Feb. 8, 1921

Anselme E. Landry, pioneer blacksmith shop operator, came to Stanwood from Quebec via Seattle, and bought the former Klett blacksmith shop. A son, Earnest, later continued the operation, becoming a well-known businessman, head of the blood bank and father to 99 foster kids. He also gave demonstrations of his craft at Stanwood Camano Fair every year. The business was later Valley Repair and now is K-Pro Auto Repair.

Feb. 12, 1931

Frank Obenhofer of Stanwood and Moose Norbeck of Everett agreed to wrestle in Stanwood. The two men, each 220 pounds, were set to grapple in front of fans for up to 50 minutes. But the match was called early with Norbeck writhing in agony. “This was brought about through a backward body slam administered by Obenhofer so deftly that spectators were unable to realize what had happened,” according to a report in the Twin City News.

Feb. 11, 1941

Acreage devoted to pea farming was set to increase as demand stayed high, growers announced. The Lien Bros. Packing Co. in Stanwood canned 100,000 cases of peas that were shipped all over the country. The effort employed 122 people at peak production in the fall.

Feb. 8, 1951

Madrona Beach Fire Association was organized the previous summer and found a used International fire truck for sale. The fire truck was housed at Andy Dionne’s auto repair shop at Madrona Beach.

Feb. 9, 1961

There was little damage to sea life reported after Standard Oil Co. set off a series of underwater explosions, according to the state Department of Fisheries. The blasting, about 175 explosions in total, was part of a search for oil between Camano and Whidbey islands.

Feb. 9, 1971

The state Supreme Court officially shut the door on plans to build an oil refinery at Kayak Point, south of Stanwood. The court ruled the rezoning of the site for industrial use was invalid.

Feb. 11, 1981

A proposal to establish a ferry line between Onamac Point on Camano and Bacon’s Landing on Whidbey was the subject of a Washington Utilities and Transportation Committee meeting. Plans were to start service in May using a barge and tug to haul passengers and freight, but efforts to secure property on Whidbey later sunk the idea.

Feb. 12, 1991

A U.S. flag was tied to the top of a tree near the viaduct in east Stanwood as a public display in support of armed forces in the Persian Gulf.

Feb. 13, 2001

After teens were discovered viewing pornography on computers at Stanwood Library, parents spoke at the City Council meeting to object. City officials said they would relay concerns to the Sno-Isle Regional Library Board to see what could be done.

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