Sept. 8, 1911

The Freeborn Church was dedicated on Sept. 3. Trinity church choir, Nordmandenes Sangforeniug and the Stillaguamish Band were invited to perform. The church cost $1,500 to build. Mrs. Allen donated her masterpiece representing Christ in Gethsemane.

Sept. 3, 1931

Florence residents wondered if their land might hold natural gas deposits. Prospectors pounded a pipe into the ground on the Ivor Thomle property, rear of the Fred Miller barn. Moisture surfaced “covered in bubbles which ignited and went off with a puff and smelled strongly of gas.”

Sept. 4, 1941

Manager Johnson made “very noticeable improvements” to the foyer and front of the New Ideal Theatre building. Johnson credited the painting and decorating to Chris Olson and carpenter and cabinet work to Ole Vatne, both local men. The lumber and glass were purchased from the Hamilton Lumber Company.

KOMO radio network in Seattle increased its power from 1,000 to 5,000 watts and added a new directional antenna. Thousands of homes including listeners in Stanwood gained improved reception.

Sept. 6, 1951

“Often in the evening as I go to the post office … I stand aghast at the number of narrow escapes experienced by motorists entering Broadway from Market Street,” wrote Ray Horn, publisher of the Twin City News. Now Broadway is a state highway under state regulation, “something should be done to correct this hazard. Perhaps a stop light. … It is a constant worry to Chief of Police Whalen … a good topic for this town council to give some thought."

Sept. 7, 1961

Fanny Cory Cooney, artist, cartoonist and 84-year-old grandmother returned to her Camano Island home after an extended visit in Montana. Since her retirement from syndicated drawings in 1956, she’d done water colors and a little oil painting. … “her ‘fairy alphabet’ is a delightful and exquisite watercolor series. She also paints spritely little characters, plus views from her home.” At the start of her career, she was the first woman illustrator sell her work to Century, Scribner’s and Harper’s Bazaar.

Sept. 8, 1971

Two men were caught burglarizing a Camano Island liquor store at 1 a.m. As two officers were placing them into custody, a third man shot a deputy, wounding him. The three were captured after a daylong manhunt. Every vehicle leaving the island was stopped and searched, including school buses. They were finally found in a rented trailer on A. Gunard Nelson’s Livingston Bay property. Entering the trailer, officials found feet sticking out from under the bed. Another man was found under a nearby boat.

Sept. 9, 1981

With less than two hours before the “strike deadline,” the Stanwood School Board adopted resolutions to give Superintendent Robert Larson emergency powers to manage school during the walkout. Stanwood Education Association chief concerns were maximum class size, salary, and sick leave. Larson said that teachers wanted two days of personal leave without providing a reason for their absence, “a gift of the taxpayers’ money” which the district wasn’t willing to give. However, he agreed to it with stipulations at the 12th hour and the strike was averted.

Sept. 4, 1991

The Stanwood Lions Club celebrated its 50th anniversary and honored charter member Loren Stubb, who served had continuously in the Lions Club. The club sponsored many projects, including scholarships, stadium lights at Stanwood Middle School, sidewalks for two grade schools, and eye exams and glasses for students and seniors.

Sept. 4, 2001

Xinli Hu, a 17-year-old junior at Stanwood High School, was taking math classes at Everett Community College and was named Calculus Student of the Year. She won awards in science and piano competitions. She attributed her learning to her education in China until 1998, her dad and piano, which improved her math skills.

Sept. 6, 2011

Stanwood Men’s Center opened as a six-bed facility to help men get free from drug and alcohol addictions. It offered a highly-structured 12-month program.

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