J. Sill Cash Store at Florence

The J. Sill Cash Store at Florence was the supermarket in the early days, later becoming the E.A. Hevly Cashstore. E.A. is in shirtsleeves in photo above, and his son Ralph Hevly is second from right. 

Early History 

The J. Sill Cash Store at Florence, south of Stanwood, was the supermarket in the early days, later becoming the E.A. Hevly Cashstore. His son Ralph Hevly later took over the store, continuing operations until 1970. The building is still standing in the once-thriving frontier town, one of the oldest structures in the area. 

Feb. 14, 1911 

Capt. Edwards reported that work was picking up at the Utsalady shipyards. 

Feb. 8, 1921 

A gasoline serving station was constructed at the Stave shop in East Stanwood where Shell oils and gas continued to be sold. 

Feb. 10, 1931 

Sidewalks were laid in front of three residences in Stanwood, and on the East Stanwood end, the ditch between the railroad track and the pavement was filled with gravel and leveled off. The H & H Railway was along the south side of 271st Street all the way from the train depot to the vicinity of Bank of America in west Stanwood.  

Feb. 20, 1941 

The 25th annual meeting of the Peoples Telephone Co. was held in East Stanwood town hall, bringing out a large number of stockholders.  

Feb. 22, 1951 

About 12,000 acres in the area were covered by floodwater feet deep in places. “Many men, and women, too, endured long hours of exhausting work, with little sleep or rest” to save people, property and livestock, according to a report in the Twin City News. 

Feb. 16, 1961 

An $80,000 expansion program was underway at the Stokely-Van Camp Frozen Food Division plant in Stanwood, now North Star Cold Storage. The upgrades allowed workers to process 50% more peas. 

Feb. 18, 1971 

Haugen’s Scandia Bakery opened for business in the Gunderson building in downtown East Stanwood, and for several decades it was a popular place to go for coffee, fellowship, lunch and delicacies. 

Feb. 25, 1981 

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers identified two Camano Island sites for potential marinas: Utsalady and Mabana. Together, the sites could moor 450 boats, according to a study. The corps also considered, but rejected, potential marina sites at Onamac on west Camano and a Port Susan marina near Warm Beach. 

Feb. 12, 1991 

Island County officials voiced opposition to the proposed Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline, which would cross Camano Island and travel under Saratoga Passage along the route from Ferndale to west of Port Angeles. 

Feb. 13, 2001 

The Spartans rallied to beat Jackson to secure the Western Conference 3boys basketball championship for the first time since 1976. The Spartans were led by Ryan ApplebyMarcus Steele, Shaun Messerli, Garrett Parks and Josh Ellingsen.  

Feb. 15, 2011 

A dog alerted two 17-year-old girls that their neighbor’s Camano home was on fire. Kiara, a mixed breed Australian shepherd, and the girls ran to the house to help the elderly woman escape the thick smoke. The girls also used a nearby hose to extinguish most of the blaze before firefighters arrived. 

Cars in 1910

Ole Birkestol and his mother Anne traveled around the countryside in this late-model, right-hand-drive roadster in about 1910. Behind them is the family home which stood along Norman Road, and the forest as their backyard. The “snag” (tall tree with branches removed) at extreme left remained a part of the landscape for many years, as well as the large stump behind the car. 

Old car identified

After seeing the News Files on Nov. 10, 2020, Stanwood Camano News reader Tony Zimmerman set out to try to identify the old car in the photo. He reached out to West Peterson, longtime editor of Antique Automobile magazine, who helped confirm that the car in question is a Maxwell, made circa 1907-1908. Maxwell cars were made from 1904 to 1925, when Chrysler bought them out. The Maxwell would be reworked to eventually become the first Plymouth.

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