Pearson House key part of Stanwood history

The Pearson House in the 1890’s would be part of a historical tour in Stanwood over 100 years later. Clara Stanwood Pearson is second from left, and her husband, D.O. Pearson is third from left. Others are family members and friends.


In 1909, Per Jonas Sundin became a member of Camano Lutheran Church after coming to the island in 1905.


100 YEARS AGO (1919)

Clarence Severson of East Stanwood served in World War I in the armed forces, Spruce Division.


90 YEARS AGO (1929)

Earwigs were brought to town by campers at the old auto campgrounds, and multiplied rapidly.

The Bank of Stanwood converted to a national bank after having served as a state bank for 25 years.


80 YEARS AGO (1939)

Victoria Community Hall was improved with floor repairs and coverings put on the benches.


70 YEARS AGO (1949)

G. Roy Hurd bought the Floe Building at East Stanwood and the Lassie Shop moved into the Rosie Erickson building (a long-gone two-story brick building across 271stfrom the police station).


60 YEARS AGO (1959)

Delbert Mitchell became town marshal at Stanwood.

The first ministerial association was formed, when pastors from the Twin City area met for a breakfast.

Twin City school budget was $422,950.

Twin City FFA dairy team tied for first at the Puyallup Fair.


50 YEARS AGO (1969)

Pioneer Ole Fjarlie was presented with the ‘89er Golden Certificate at his 98th birthday party.

Gov. and Mrs. Dan Evans

were in Stanwood for a press conference.

More interviewers were needed to conduct a community-wide survey.


40 YEARS AGO (1979)

The Spartans scored the season’s first touchdown against Anacortes.

The Bank of Stanwood celebrated its 75th anniversary.


30 YEARS AGO (1989)

Population of the school district stretched school plans to their limits.

I-Deal Fitness was the newest business on Camano.

20 YEARS AGO (1999)

School bus drivers and parents asked for more air testing because of children getting sick on the buses.

A U.S. District Court judge approved the $7 million settlement in the Harmon financial swindle.


10 YEARS AGO (2009)

Hotels would be permitted under a new Camano Gateway ordinance.

Middle school students were guided around historical Stanwood buildings by Dave Eldridge, former president of the Stanwood Historical Society, as the language arts and social studies classes toured such buildings as the D.O. Pearson House.

Tyler Lowery of Boy Scout Troop #86 in Stanwood was awarded his Eagle Scout Rank at a Court of Honor ceremony.

Ajit and Ambili Sukesan were new owners of Camano Island Inn.

The outdoor burning ban was lifted.

Stanwood High 4A Booster Club Lil’ Cheer Clinic was for grades K-5, led by SHS cheerleaders.

The city sewage lagoons were to be cleaned.

Camano’s notorious thief, Colton Harris-Moore, was a suspect in 20 burglaries in San Juan County.

Residents of Mabana Shores have concerns about the stability of the slope next to Hidden Shores Lane after an illegal clear cut.

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Stop by the SC News office at 9005 271st St. NW, Stanwood, or call 360-629-2155.

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