Sept. 22, 1911

Camano Island items: K.A. Knutsen finished threshing on the island and moved his threshing machine to Florence. Gilbert Qvale purchased a gasoline donkey and “will soon be in shape to help the ranchers with the stumps hereabout.”

Sept. 17, 1931

The Stanwood Commercial Club planned to gather old clothes and shoes to give to needy men who may come in fall and winter. Women discussed how to “assist in the unemployment problem.” More than 100 citizens of both towns, Stanwood and East Stanwood, discussed having “the Island Stump — East Stanwood cut-off on the Pacific Highway done by local hand labor rather than by contractors with machinery.” County Commissioner Arp said an emergency should be declared so as to give hungry men work and “hates to think of what the coming winter has in store for the country.”

Sept. 18, 1941

Stanwood men headed by Wm. L. Bailey and Stanley Wagness of the Stanwood Commercial Club discussed forming a boat-building company in Stanwood to work in conjunction with Seattle boat builder Martin Martinsen. They planned to attract investors to raise $10,000 to build a large shop with equipment to bid on the construction of wooden vessels up to 83 feet long.

Sept. 20, 1951

The Stanwood Volunteer Fire Department held its Firemen’s Carnival as a fun way for rural residents to raise funds for emergency services and equipment. Twin City News declared it the best ever with a midway with games of skill and prizes: a flash camera, bicycle, waffle iron, deer rifle, watch and steam iron.

Sept. 21, 1961

Schools trained teachers to present civil defense classes to adults in the Cold War era with Russia in which people feared nuclear bombs and fallout. Police and firefighters also trained in monitoring equipment for civil defense.

Sept. 22, 1971

Green lights became the official emergency signal on all volunteer firefighters’ vehicles, replacing the blue lights formerly used. Blue now was only for police cars and illegal for use on other emergency equipment.

Sept. 23, 1981

The Stanwood Council got in a tussle over issuing a permit for the proposed Chinese Pavilion restaurant because it didn’t have adequate parking. A favorable petition was presented by 111 residents and another by merchants. The local SeaFirst bank assistant manager said it would allow the restaurant to use some of its parking. The city attorney wouldn’t advise the city as he rents office space from the bank manager.

Sept. 18, 1991

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife got a rise out of Sunday Lake residents when it applied to improve a public access site to the lake. People were afraid that public use would harm wildlife.

Sept. 18, 2001

Red Cross staff and volunteers in Snohomish and Island counties were on standby, ready to respond to the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. Meanwhile, two locals representing “Freedom County” threatened Snohomish Councilman Mike Ashley at his Silvana farm and tried to impose a $750 million “lien.” He was tipped off and ushered them out with an unloaded shotgun. Three other council members received similar nighttime home visits. They’d voted to replace a bridge off Swanson Road, requiring a Freedom County cofounder to sell land to the county.

Sept. 20, 2011

Stanwood resident Mark Schrader shared his adventures about his 28,000-mile sailing trip at an event put on by WSU Island County Beach Watchers. He circumnavigated the continents of the western hemisphere to raise awareness of the ailing health of the oceans.

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