Sept. 15, 1911

A.B. Klaeboe was concerned that the three-story Bennett building should be condemned as a “fire trap” that endangered the town, but got no response from the Stanwood Council. On Klaeboe’s request, the fire department talked to the city. The city administrator “agreed to take action in regard to closing windows, and reducing liability of fire.”


Sept. 10, 1931

Farmers reported that beet seed threshing was underway on Florence and Leque Island ranches. The previous week’s downpour ruined a lot of the crop with seeds shelled out by the rain. Much of a good oat crop was still in the field and got soaked; some was sprouting. Oats had to be dried before being hauled to the barns. The prune crop was ready for picking, but now split prunes covered the ground in orchards. “Every crop this year in the district was hard hit.”


Sept. 11, 1941

William Christiansen was in charge of a 1.75-acre garden in Florence that had so far produced for the new Stanwood Grade School 100 pounds of carrots, 525 pounds of onions, 400 pounds of tomatoes and 100 pounds of corn, with much more to be harvested. “These vegetables have been prepared for freezing and canning by Mrs. Hazel Silva and Mrs. Minnie Hansen, who are also preparing the lunches, now that school has started.


Sept. 13, 1951

Scientists of the Radio Corp. of American unveiled an experimental laboratory model of a television intercom. Twin City News forecasted that farmers of the future may find TV indispensable for checking on the cows and chicken without trudging to the barn in the middle of the night.


Sept. 14, 1961

The greatest concentration of sports fishing boats ever were seen in the Saratoga Passage for the 13th annual Twin City Sportmen’s Salmon Derby on Camano Island. With nearly 600 fish entered, F.W. Buckley of Redmond’s 12-pound 2-ounce silver won the first place prize: a 14-foot fiberglass boat and trailer. Hundreds of fishermen and spectators milled around for the Salmon Derby weighing in ceremonies held at the Madrona Beach Resort. Other resorts included Camp Lagoon, Camp Grande and Maple Grove. Harry Lindbeck’s band entertained the crowds.


Sept. 15, 1971

Josephine Sunset Home dedicated its new addition. It increased JSH’s capacity by 160 and included 30 private rooms, a nurse station, barber and beauty shops and an enclosed patio. Old-timers Erik Eide, Hannah Rasmussen and C.J. Gunderson attended this dedication as well as one for the original JSH building in 1908.


Sept. 16, 1981

Valley Aviation opened at the airport on north Camano Island, offering chartered air service to Oak Harbor, scenic flights for people wanting a broad overview of the area and special flights for photographers. Meanwhile, George Bacon’s ferry service proposal between Camano and Whidbey islands was scheduled for a public hearing.


Sept. 11, 1991

The Stanwood Council approved Lincoln Estates with 49 lots, next to Lincoln Ridge’s 25 lots. Construction was well underway on the first 40 homes in the 33-acre Church Creek Estates, with more than 90 homes to be built.

Sept. 11, 2001

After being cramped for

years in Island County’s

Camano Center (blue multipurpose) building, Camano Senior Services Association opened

its own spacious facility on

Arrowhead Road. CSSA

offered expanded programs and services in the new Camano Senior and Community Center, which received significant support from the Floyd and Delores Jones Foundation and Driftwood Shores resident John E. Jensen.


Sept. 25, 2001

Walk of Remembrance and Prayer was held at Stanwood High School, led by youths at Camano Lutheran Church as a fundraiser for the 9/11 victims’ families. The walk led through town to Heritage Park for a moment of silence.


Sept. 13, 2011

The Stillaguamish Tribe presented $10,000 to Stanwood-Camano Youth Football for the best helmets available.

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