Stanwood’s 1960 post-consolidation government officials included town attorney Ed Jones in front row, Mayor Idan Gilbertson and Police Judge M.F. Stonack. Standing: Officer Del Mitchell, Police Chief Ray Krouse and Relief Officer M.D. McKain. Not pictured: Herman Moa and Fred Tiffany, fire chiefs. 


Iver and Clara Botten of Silvana went to Norway so he could assist with the family business. Daughter Nora was born there, the sixth of their nine children, and she grew up to be a stewardess/nurse on trains between here and Chicago. 

In 1910, J.P. Stevenson, who hauled milk from Stanwood to the Mount Vernon condenser, traded his team and wagon for property in that city. 

100 YEARS AGO (1920) 

Two prominent young pioneer ladies were married this month: Alice McGinnis of Florence wed Thomas Koffel, and Maud Howard wed Charley Simonson. 

90 YEARS AGO (1930) 

Following the action of other coast cities in the gas war, Twin City dealers reduced the price of gasoline to 19 cents a gallon. 

Twin City firefighters hosted 140 firefighters from three counties for training. 

80 YEARS AGO (1940) 

Camp Grande on Camano was sold to Bert Medford of Cosmopolis; the resort had been operated by Herb Davis. 

Hugo Hegewald of Seattle opened a bakery on Market Street (in the block where the Food Bank is now). 

70 YEARS AGO (1950) 

The Red Cross opened the Emergency Highway First Aid Station at the Highland Grocery on Camano. 

Freeborn-Victoria Ladies Aid held its annual strawberry festival. 

Stanwood Drug advertised it could supply every baby need a family wanted — except the baby. 

60 YEARS AGO (1960) 

Strawberry harvest began, with Twin City Foods Inc. starting the first pack. 

Stanwood’s new town government was assembled after the towns of Stanwood and East Stanwood merged. 

50 YEARS AGO (1970) 

Hartmut Schmakeit and Frank Wood of Stanwood FFA received State Star Farmer awards. 

Scandia Home Furnishing Store at Viking Village had a grand opening. 

40 YEARS AGO (1980) 

Gov. Dixy Lee Ray addressed the joint meeting of Chambers of Commerce from Stanwood and three other towns. 

Stanwood FFA Chapter won first place at the state ag-mechanics contest. 

30 YEARS AGO (1990) 

Jason Conover, a local teen, didn’t think twice before diving into Fisher Slough north of town to rescue two people trapped in a sinking vehicle. 

20 YEARS AGO (2000) 

The City Council approved the sewer plan that would open the door to about 300 acres applying for annexation. 

10 YEARS AGO (2010) 

Stanwood-Camano Soap Box Derby had 61 entries at its third annual race, with two young girls taking first-place trophies, Paige Gear and Emily Alfiri, who also got tickets to the national competition in Ohio. 

The Stanwood Hotel turned 120, with remodeling that added 10 more rooms. 

Parents, teachers and librarians at the school board meeting, protested the elimination of librarians at the middle schools. 

Two young men were charged with sending a stolen truck on a collision course with a freight train near Stanwood. 

Charles Major’s wedding band, lost on Camano 62 years ago, was recently found near the same spot. 

The new train platform at the Stanwood Station saw over 300 Amtrak boardings every month. 

County farmers organized “Community Attributes” in a partnership with Snohomish County to develop a year-round farmers market and provide a voice for the agriculture industry.

S-C Little League added 15 teams from last season, with the year’s champions being the Sharks, Bad News Bears and the White Sox in three different divisions. 

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